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    Get the Natty

    Looked like he tried to kick the net off again and missed
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    ESPN Mock Draft: Round 2, Pick 1: John Michael Schmitz, C, Minnesota

    Just saw one mock having him at 20 on the NFL Network
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    Brewster and Colorado

    Amelia Reyno I think
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    #2/2 Gophers vs. #8/7 Wolverines

    Ha! Nor will I. Those days are long gone
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    #2/2 Gophers vs. #8/7 Wolverines

    Coming from Billings and bringing my 10 year old daughter. We'll be there Sat night.
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    #3/1 Gophers vs. #4/4 Huskies

    My buddy and I were playing darts at the Library during his freshman year. He bumped into my buddy, apologized, and put a drink for both of us on his tab
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    If we win this is Mo's Game 6, putting the team on his back
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    Ah, thanks for the info!
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    Am I the only one who wanted a roughing the kicker (or at least running into) on that "blocked" punt?
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    Will the Gophers crack the Top 25 this week?

    Interesting. Sparty voter gas us at 13, Syracuse at 14
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    New college football documentary: Notre Dame's Manti Te'o: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist

    I always thought Manti had to have been in on it. This definitely changed that perception. The catfisher is definitely a text book narcissist.
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    New 2023 commit Reese Tripp

    Having grown up in Mantorville and graduated in 2000, this checks out
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    All Things Gophers at Colorado Road Trip Thread

    I was at the CSU game as well. Planning on making the drive to Boulder from Billings if I can snag some tickets.
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    Loveland tickets?

    The NCAA site is showing no tickets for the General public. Does anyone know if this may change? Was hoping to drive down from Billings for the weekend.
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    Thoughts on % chance that we can attend 2021 games at TCF, let's see predictions

    Cuomo is going to allow 10% capacity in NY, so I'm sure Walz will follow suit
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    Take the Wonderlic test and report your score.

    44, but it was pretty hard to see some of the bolded words on my screen
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    It looks nice in here!

    I always used Tapatalk to access Gopherhole, but it's not there anymore from what I can tell. I'm with you, I like the app option better than a browser
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    Bobby Bell named to ESPN NFL all time Starter List

    He's in some pretty good company:

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