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    Rossi leaving for DC at Michigan St

    If Rossi wants to be a head coach, maybe he is looking at the lack of offense and the pressure it puts on his defense and is concerned it may impact his future opportunities
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    Article: Why Did Athan Kaliakmanis Enter the Transfer Portal?

    The pressure is building internally for PJ I’ve got to imagine. He is stuck, not winning enough to get a better job and soon maybe not enough to keep the one he has.
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    2023-2024 College Football Coaches Hired/Fired Thread

    Driving distance is more beneficial for a recruits family who want to be able to watch their son play regularly during college. That can be attractive for a lot of recruits.
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    Bucknell transfer CB Ethan Robinson sets official visit with Gophers

    Are they all committable offers though, or plan B,C, or D guys for some of those Programs.
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    Gopher Volleyball 2023 Season

    Inherited a good program at Washington and at best kept it on par with the previous coach
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    2023-2024 College Football Coaches Hired/Fired Thread

    That and the majority of their alumni that leave the state end up in Denver or KC
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    No. 1 MN HS player in 2022 Lucas Heyer enters portal

    The alumni network and connections that come from a school like this are far from overrated.
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    Max Brosmer is the QB this program needed | Story

    Not long ago many of the Gopherhole experts were upset when Mordecai was ranked higher than AK in Big Ten QB rankings. Oh how times have changed
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    Matt Rhule: "A good QB in the portal costs $1 million, $1.5, 2 million" in NIL.

    It’s teams, plural that that money has to support. That includes increased costs of tuition/scholarships for student athletes, salary raises for coaches and ancillary staff, facility and equipment updates, as well as the increasing prices of travel for teams. That money has to cover all...
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    Matt Rhule: "A good QB in the portal costs $1 million, $1.5, 2 million" in NIL.

    Not unless you start cutting sports. A fair amount of that money goes to pay for the multitude of non revenue sports
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    Matt Rhule: "A good QB in the portal costs $1 million, $1.5, 2 million" in NIL.

    They are typically one year NIL contracts from what I have heard
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    Cam Ward is one and Will Howard is reportedly another.
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    The market for proven starters appears to be 7 figures or close to it based some of the latest reports, safe to say gophers won’t be shopping in that department. They will need to take a bit of a flyer and hope it works.
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    Portal/NIL market is expensive for QB’s which isn’t good for Minnesota
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    Fleck needs to examine every facet of this program

    I’m pretty sure a lot of these same types of statements were made last offseason. Things like: 1. Athan will be so much better than Tanner and only improve. 2. Offense will improve without KC as offensive coordinator. How did that work out
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    Women's Hockey 2023-24 Season -- Part 2: The Regular Season

    I hope they choke like last year.
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    2023-2024 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    He met his wife at Colorado State Park believe and they love it there. He can make the tourney virtually every year there. No reason to move to a less desirable locale and struggle to make the tourney at Minnesota and deal with the expectstions here. He could stay and live a great life there.
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    It’s okay Mrs. Johnson, your boy will be okay. You must really hate Northern Illinois and Montana State for saying your boy wasn’t good enough to lead their programs.
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    Then do it and stop defending this disastrous hire
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    I think Ben took care of this part already.

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