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    What would better free throw shooting get us?

    Another consideration, how many more free throw opportunities could we have had if we hit a higher percent on the front end of 1 and 1s?
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    Not only that, he went out of bounds and jumped back in bounds to grab his own airball rebound.
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    2022 Mile run

    Closer to 80 marathons.
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    Jack Robison 6-6 so Lakeville North

    Would be a great addition to the Gophers! His name is Jack Robison, without an "n".
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    Lindsay Whalen, Ben Johnson to Guest Coach Gophers Football Spring Game

    Am I reading this wrong or did Coach Johnson concede the victory to Coach Whalen's maroon team?😉
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    I met Magic years ago while vacationing in Hawaii. I told him I didn't like him in college since I was a Gopher fan, but loved him as a Laker (my favorite NBA team). He told me he really liked Coach Dutcher.
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    RIP Sid- no message

    Sid was my GopherHole pre-internet!
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    Congrats to Men's Basketball for Finishing 27th in the Nation Per Ken Pom (highest end of season rank under Pitino)

    Got it. Misread your post. Put it in context though. Gophers had THE toughest non conference schedule of B1G teams. Not sure what criteria you use for terrible teams, but based on NCAA Net Rankings, DePaul (#86) was the worst loss and only quad 3 loss. Second worst was at Utah (#85) where...
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    A Great Gopher Fan Now Looking Down From Above

    In 1971, a recruiter convinced my Dad to take a new job and move our family to Minnesota from southern California. He took me to my first Gopher BB game at Williams Arena during the 1971-2 season with tickets his company provided (I was 12). The following year we watched some games on black and...
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    Rowing the Boat in Indiana!

    Recently moved to a "new to me" home in Indiana. It was a fixer upper built in 1935, so just a little younger than The Barn. I added the finishing touch to it this afternoon. Bought the flag probably 30 years ago after moving to Indiana and I finally have a flag pole to fly it on! Go Gophers...
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    In no particular order.
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    Freshman Point Guard > No Point Guard

    Our best results tonight were when Mav, Chip, Austin, Ralph and Trevor were on the court. We can't win with two centers, two forwards and a shooting guard on the floor.
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    Williams Arena vs Memorial Gymnasium (Vandy)

    They're having Arena Wars at CBS Sports website. Williams Arena is down 48% to 52% to Memorial Gymnasium at Vanderbilt. Click below to cast your vote:

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