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    Free tickets to the Illinois game

    I also have 2 free tickets for todays game. Section 219 Pm me your name and phone#. Will transfer tickets electronically
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    Summer Splash Thread/Predictions

    has Gophers ever landed the #1 player from Wisconsin?
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    I think most people will forget that Ko Kieft was a high school QB who was previously a NDSU commit. glad he made the smart switch to the gophers make us proud in the NFL
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    Spring Practice

    Can we please talk about Fleck please. What is all this spring practice nonsense 😂
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    Is this PJ Fleck?

    Was this PJ Fleck? cant tell if eyes is open or closed. maybe an older picture??
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    Give a bold prediction for 2022 Gopher Football

    KC will actually throw to our TEs
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    The Best 3-9 Team In College Football History

    Funny how they fired past “bad coaches” for being 9-3.
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    How many are making the trip to NW?

    1st timer to a Northwestern game. our group of 7 including 3 smaller kids are staying in Skokie. Will be mostly travelling between Chicago and Evanston this weekend for food and entertainment. W will be driving, but what is the recommended travel between Skokie, Chicago an Evanston? debating...
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    Gable Steveson’s path to a gold medal | Tony Liebert

    WOW! Thank you Gable for representing the U, your State, and your Country.
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    Gopher Volleyball 2019

    Sooo. Stanford drops 1-3 to #12 BYU, but somehow manages to get back to #1 overall. Gophers sweep both games last week. stays at #7 and lose its only 1st place vote. BYU now at #9 with 2 1st place votes Wisconsin with its 4-4 record now at #13...
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    Gopher Volleyball 2019

    Wow. Congratulations to the lady Gophers volleyball on taking down #1 Stanford tonight.
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    ‘Game of Thrones’ houses as college football teams

    With GOT season 8 premiere just 2 days ago. Heres SB Nations of houses as college football teams. Minnesota. 2nd youngest team in 2019 :rolleyes: House Stark That Team Up North prides itself as an honorable, morally superior organization. It engenders widespread devotion, with lots of people...
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    Shama: Maturi Pavilion will have air conditioning installed next year

    just in time for volleyball team to hang their 2018 championship banner at the Pavilion
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    2017 Volleyball

    a specialized defensive player on the team. usually wears different colored uniform. Rosado plays that position for the gophers A libero is a defensive specialist position in indoor volleyball. The position was added to the...
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    ESPN: Gophers DBs ('Dem Boyz') deserve your respect

    Michigan State's secondary calls itself the "No Fly Zone." LSU bills itself as "DBU" -- Defensive Back University. Minnesota lacks a widely known nickname for its secondary, which is fine for now. "Maybe in another year or two, we get there," Gophers defensive backs coach Jay Sawvel recently...
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    B1G GameDay Countdown - 11/29/14 @ 2:30pm

    <div id="tc_1761"><a title="Gophers vs Badgers" href="">Gophers vs Badgers</a> <a title="Countdown online" href="">Countdown</a></div><script type="text/javascript">(function(){var s =...

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