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    The Minnesota Gophers football schedule is TOUGH!

    The was a great segment! Daniel House is LEGIT!! Gophers Guru all the way best 5 bucks a month ever.
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    PJ has been extended with new 7 year contract

    With all the changes with NIL and BT... we need to pay him just to maintain 5 conference wins.. the rest of the (soon to be former) Big Ten west is going to suffer under these changes.
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    Bowl Game Projections?

    247 Sports has Gophers in the Reliaquest (Outback) Bowl...just saying...
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    And..this is about where we go to shit! Start of 4th quarter and AK gets sacked... time to punt
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    I'm going to watch this game to celebrate and pay tribute to one of greatest comebacks I've ever seen...MO Ibrahim! Coming back from that Achilles tear to become the greatest Gophers RBs ever! What an amazing story.
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    Reminiscing about a time when the Gophers had good receivers.. Thought I would drop this link here to remember fondly that this program has actually had good receivers in the past. To think..we had the number one and sixth best all-time on the field TOGETHER just 3 years ago! I also...
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    STrib: Gophers football: From 4-0 and ranked No. 21 to meh — what happened?

    You make a great point...Fleck's run only style leaves no margin for error bc he can't or won't make adjustments. Good example... they are incapable of running a 2 min offense...why? Bc they can't throw!!
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    STrib: Gophers football: From 4-0 and ranked No. 21 to meh — what happened?

    Or when your defense drops INTs that are right in their hands... I LOVE this defense but that's been the knock on them for the last 2 years..dropping INTs and not scoring DEF touchdowns!
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    Tell me about it! I flew in from Colorado Springs to watch that choke job last weekend! It took me 4 days to mentally recover...God I hate Iowa! I never thought anything could dampen the joy of watching the Gophers beat the Badgers last year in person but..this just about did! I wasted a lot if...
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    Nebby pounding Iowa

    We will not get picked over Iowa.. even if we win 2 more games than them. That's not how bowl game politics work.
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    Nebby pounding Iowa

    Wow.. that's pretty sad. And the fact he openly said it with a mic in front of him is pathetic..idiot!
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    Nebby pounding Iowa

    Jack Campbell is their best defensive player. Losing Dejean hurt pretty bad for them.
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    Fleck has become worse than Kill

    No, I don't remember 10 years ago...bc it's 10 years ago! I'm not Tiny Tim asking, "can I have some more crumbs plz"? That's the Gopher fan mentality we don't need anymore! Settling for mediocrity.
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    Fleck has become worse than Kill

    I'm with you but I see a big drop off on both sides of the ball next year and..they play N. Carolina AND Michigan next year...going to be ugly!!
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    Rumored that Matt Rhule to Lincoln

    That would be hilarious! Another 3 to 5 bad years in Lincoln!
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    Nebby pounding Iowa

    Gophers have had a handful of good receivers in the last 3 decades but not near enough!
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    You do realize if Iowa beats us, they will win the west

    Go Purdue! What a great Black Friday as the Black Shirts beat the Iowegians!!! God I hate Iowa!
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    How To Judge a Season

    I agree completely..outside of Ohio St and Michigan, everyone else will suffer from NIL. I'm wondering if we've already seen the effects for Wisconsin and Iowa.. Losing B. Irving and KY Thomas cost us as Bryce has been no good and I don't see the Gophs recruiting receivers
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    Is SKOR NORTH correct in saying that PJ is not a gameday coach? Is he not capable of reading and making adjustments?

    They run their own program with great sponsorship of Surly brewery and TCL to name just a couple. SKOR NORTH is highly successful and outpacing KFAN which would rather talk about anything but sports. They are critical but fair and don't make excuses/enable MN teams to just be bmediocre

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