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    How do you feel about the state of program right now?

    The lack of adjustments, especially in game is most disheartening so far this season. That falls upon the head coach. We finally have a more complete and balanced team, but we are incapable of making strategic adjustments on the fly. USF was well coached and they utilized their player’s...
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    This is easily the best Gopher team in the last several years. They are depth with scorers at multiple levels. UTSA is a work in progress with 12 new players but Gophers are playing fast and aggressive. Way more entertaining than in many years. Barn will be rocking again when they really jell.
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    Minutes in rotation

    Without lucrative $NIL, with his deepest roster yet, Ben will have to play as many players as he can or there will be mass departures in the offseason. If he has a short bench in our early, “tough” non conference schedule, I will see that as a bad sign. I am looking for a much more athletic...
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    Newcomers' summer camp impressions

    Bump. Any first impressions of Keinys yet?
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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    He is from New Life Acadamy. Link
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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    The team is much better balanced now and appears to be better defensively. Another big shooting wing or an inside threat would help. Wilson may be a bigger Ogele, but Hawkins and Mitchell are not Samuels.
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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    Are we at 11 scholarships plus 12th for Ramberg, and 13th open? Mitchell, Hawkins, Wilson, Garcia, Ihnen, Fox, Payne, Carrington, JOJ, Betts, and Christie are the 11. I can see Ben giving Reader the last spot or possibly Purcell. Ben has a hard time playing more than 8 guys per game. I hope...
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    Any Interest in Aj Plitzuweit?

    He is by far the best option we have left. He would add stability and leadership at both guard spots. If Ben does not adapt and give his recruits minutes, what little depth there is will be gone and we know now we cannot rely on the portal for a quick fix with this coaching staff in place...
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    "It definitely is surprising," Jackson McAndrew on not receiving Gophers' offer

    I am not familiar with Mekonnen. Size? Strengths? Any comps?
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    Any Interest in Aj Plitzuweit?

    I would say his mom being here is not an issue, but a plus for him. He followed her to SD. He would be a nice 1 year addition. Brings experience and effort and is another guard option.
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    Q&A with Ben Johnson: Recruiting, NIL, Coyle's Expectations, Fox/Ihnen Health, Betts Progress and Much More

    What are the typical fees associated with these type of “advisers” and their ilk? These middlemen, like the ones reported to have been still in contact with the FAU players, need to be controlled at some level. Their meddling during seasons need to stop. The NCAA should keep these types away...
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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    Yes. We have scholarships. He is a high level player and would be a nice bridge.
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    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    Any word on AJ Plitzuweit? He would be a nice fit with Mitchel and a transition piece until Asuma is on campus next year. He seems like a good fit with his family now in the area, not to mention another shooter, leader, and effort guy that this young team desperately needs. MItchell, AJ, and a...
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    MSHSL Boys Basketball State Tournament Thread

    Some of the worst officiating by the RTR-Cherry crew in the tournament so far.
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    Caledonia native Eli King in portal from Iowa State

    How many PGs do we have for 2023-24? Sign him up and at least another.
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    All Things 2024 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread - Videos, Tweets, Articles, Rumors, Analysis and More

    With Evans out, TT likely out, Fox and Ihnen will be finally out of eligibility (barring further injury, pandemics, etc), what are our 2024 big man options (throwing out the unknowns of the portal)? Payne will need a back up to groom.
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    Is It Realistic to Move On From Johnson This Year?

    The only way I see Ben being replaced is if there is a mass exodus after this season ends in a couple of weeks. Coyle should be held accountable. He did well with PJ and Motzko, but Whalen and Ben are questionable hires.
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    BREAKING!!!! Dennis Evans ask for release….

    If he was used properly, he may be more effective. He has some shot altering skills that only Payne posses on this team. His play kept us in the game against Hoosiers. Same with the 40 mins last year against Rutgers. To go from that to nothing is a misuse of the roster by this coaching staff...

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