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    The Athletic: What's Going on Here? The five most disappointing recruiting classes from the 2020 cycle

    Hmmmm... still a great class with the majority committed before the season started. The uptick will come with sustained success (coach Fleck doesn't believe in momentum) to start next season. 2021 class is going to need a much bigger boat!
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    Colorado Unretiring 3 Numbers After Requests From Recruits

    I'm actually a big fan of this. It sounds like they worked out a cool compromise to have the players name and years on a patch on the jersey. I think it brings those memories back to life when you see the number on the concourse of the stadium or the rafters of the arena, and also get a...
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    Let's meet our new co-OC, Mike Sanford Jr (Matt Simon annouced as other co-OC)

    I have 100% faith in PJ, but it doesn't look Mike Sanfords offenses have scored a ton of points... I hope I'm worrying about nothing
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    Winfield Size

    Wondering if anyone else noticed how massive Winfield looked at the bowl game? Foot injury clearly isn't keeping him from hitting upper body, starting to look like LaRon Landry. Opposing offenses be warmed...
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    All Things 2018 New Gopher Uniforms Thread!

    <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script> Any guesses when we will get a sneak peak at the new uniforms? Gopher nation is anxiously waiting...
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    Gophers Ed Warinner listed as a possible HC candidate at Kent State

    <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

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