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    B1G Match 4: Gophers Host Penn State (9-30-23)

    14 service errors! Yikes!
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    Gopher Volleyball 2023 Season

    Loving watching this team! They’ve appeared to find another gear 〽
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    Gopher WBB 2023-2024

    I see Ariel Braker was on the coaching staff at Lehigh, I wonder if their paths crossed?
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    What grade would you give the hire of Dawn Plitzuweit?

    I’ve heard both Coach P and Coach Dawn
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    Minnesota Girls Basketball State Championship 2023

    Some really great games. I haven’t watched a ton of hs basketball since my daughter graduated but my goodness these girls teams are playing at an amazing high level and there is not a ton of difference in the level of play between the classes from 1A through 4A. Huge crowds. The only...
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    Coaches to Watch

    Great information. Thank you
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    Henley in portal

    I see both JOJ and Carrington both liked Henley's tweet. Thoughts on what that means?
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    Henley in portal

    insert eye roll emoji

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