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    Year 7, one of the most pathetic losses in my 45 years.

    I seen a lot of collapses in Gopher football. The Badger punting fiasco, along with others in the Mason era but this one might be the worst. This wasn’t supposed to happen under Fleck . As a fan I could care less about watching this product anymore .Enough is enough, I wonder where attendance...
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    Darius Taylor - Minnesota

    I’d leave . Minnesota will never be elite and sometimes just plain embarrassing at times. Like tonight.
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    Redding is just back there not to make mistakes. Unbelievable, this is the most undisciplined and boneheaded half of football I’ve seen for awhile Coaching staff stayed in or could just as well stayed in locker room at half.
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    This game will go on at least another thirty minutes. BTN network making ridiculous decision but I’m not surprised.
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    Buffs - Coach Prime

    Maybe it was partly because he did a great job coaching at Jackson State ? Or did Jackson State hire him because he was a great athlete. ?
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    What grade would you give Gophers coaches in win over Nebraska?

    You couldn’t run the ball for about the first time I remember and still won the game. For a coaching staff who lives by a running game I was encouraged we managed a win Also I thought the defense was very solid.
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    Johnson with Barreiro

    Be refreshing for a coach to say I hate my guys .🤔😀
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    23-24 roster: How they hot here

    But he wasn’t good enough to play and has done nothing in college . Why should we be optimistic? Because he’s big?
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    All Things Cedric Tomes Recruitment Thread (2026 Guard, East Ridge HS, Gophers Offered)

    Stats from Howard Pulley seems a simplistic way of if evaluating his game and surely doesn’t indicate his potential and tell the whole story of what the staff sees . So his team won three games maybe by going by your scouting he had bad players around him? I don’t know if that’s true but...
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    Jonnny Tauer, next U Coach if 2-14 B10 Season??

    He’s one of us. Not a consideration in hiring a coach . I wouldn’t consider him a serious candidate at this point if we were hiring.
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    Shooter: Andrew Rohde is getting $450K over 3 years in NIL money at Virginia

    Surprised Wisconsin didn’t offer. I wasn’t surprised he did well at St Thomas. Kind of recruit we have to identify considering where our program is at.
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    All Things 2023 Minnesota Twins In-Season Thread

    The fact he can’t play there even on a limited basis and hasn’t had surgery to correct issues makes it sounds very much like career ending possibilities,
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    All Things Class of 2025 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    They played without an identity last season other than being bad defensively.
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    Make sure…

    Have character don’t be one .😀 A little optimism goes a long way Go Gophers!
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    The most beloved basketball player of all-time at each B1G school

    Bobby Jackson mostly on getting us to the final four. McHale and Thompson right there just behind him.
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    Potential Lineups for this Season

    When has he ever guarded people at a high level?
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    “He would have a little bit of trouble” - Royce White claims that Nikola Jokic wouldn’t be as dominant in a physically oriented old-school era

    He makes a point about physical centers I guess But it’s not the 90s. How do I put it? Royce is a character. Probably ended up at the right school for him personally.
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    Press Conference: Ben Johnson meets the media following the start of summer workouts (video)

    To me it sounds like he thought USC, UCLA will make recruiting the coast possibly easier and it seems like an area they already seem to be focused on. It was a decent little news conference. He’s optimistic like every coach in the country right now but it’s nice to hear as a fan .
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    Bob Huggins could be in big trouble

    Corrected . LOL If it wasn’t so sad the police report would be entertaining. Luckily no one was injured.
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    Bob Huggins could be in big trouble

    .21 That’s a bit more than a bad decision. Guy needs help.

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