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  1. dlw4gophers

    Stripe Out for Saturday

    I have received several reminders plus it has been listed on the website under promotions for over a month.
  2. dlw4gophers

    one free ticket to a STUDENT for 9-30-2023.

    ticket is in section 219, but go have fun and sit in the student section.
  3. dlw4gophers

    4 Tickets and two parking passes available for the Michigan State game

    4 chair back seats in section 114, row 23. 2 parking passes, one tailgate lot 37 and one in the 4th street ramp. $200. PM me if interested.
  4. dlw4gophers

    4th Street Parking Pass Wanted

    I have one for this Saturday 9-30-23 $20
  5. dlw4gophers

    Parking pass for Ragin Cajuns

    Just one non tailgate in the 4th street ramp. $20
  6. dlw4gophers

    ISO Ski-U-Mah parking pass for MSU Game Oct 28th

    Some people will only sell to Gopher fans. I like that.
  7. dlw4gophers

    4 tickets and 2 parking passes for the Illinois football game Nov. 4th. $400

    Price reduced to $300. Tickets will be electronically transferred. Pay with venmo
  8. dlw4gophers

    Badger Fans Not Digging DJ-Driven, Shouting PA Atmosphere

    Season ticket holder for many years. I can only remember one game where it has taken me more than 10 minutes to get into the stadium.
  9. dlw4gophers

    4 tickets and 2 parking passes for the Illinois football game Nov. 4th. $400

    I have four tickets, row 23 section 114. Chairbacks. One tailgate parking pass and one 4th street ramp parking pass for $400. Pay by Venmo This is the Gopher vs Illinois football game on Nov. 4. PM me if interested. Tickets reduced to $300 for the package. I am a season ticket holder...
  10. dlw4gophers

    Game 1 takeaways

    He had one downed at the 1 yard lane and one for 47 yards. I don’t think it’s a problem
  11. dlw4gophers

    Finally Making the People Who Leave Early Regret It!

    Hung till the end and enjoyed the finish. First game and was a little tough to watch most of it.. D was very good.
  12. dlw4gophers

    Shooter: Cook, by the way, hired last December, has already taken 52 recruiting flights since Jan. 1.

    Won’t read his articles, but the headlines Mr. cook and staff are doing there jobs. Gotta have good players to win
  13. dlw4gophers

    Gopher Softball 2024

    Same thing was said in Women’s BB about Connecticut. South Carolina has done okay the last few years. Once this NIL is figured out by more teams, Oklahoma’s run will end.
  14. dlw4gophers

    Gopher Loyalty Program - how many years does it take to get something better than a used washcloth?

    Let’s just say, I am in the 3rd group to select and I could not get a big ten game in Cambria seats. So your answer is a looooooong time.
  15. dlw4gophers

    Need a parking pass for 9/30 game.

    not looking anymore
  16. dlw4gophers

    4 tickets and a lot 37 tailgate pass for Wisconsin game on Nov. 25 $750

    Wisconsin Football Game. I have 4 chair back seats in sec. 114, row 23 for sale. Also a lot 37 parking pass (tailgate) and a 4 th street ramp pass. This is a package deal, don’t ask to split it up. Asking $750. PM me if interested.

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