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  1. GFBfan

    All Things D2 and D3 College Football 2023 Season Thread

    Gusties with another heart breaking last second loss.
  2. GFBfan

    Gophers look to jumpstart Brevyn Spann-Ford after a meeting with P.J. Fleck

    It's hard to get in a rhythm as a pass catcher when almost half the time he isn't even out on a route. If teams are focusing in on him more, then get him in routes to take some defenders away from the WR's. When he stays in to block it's not doing Athan any favors. As I've stated in my OL...
  3. GFBfan

    OL Grades - Northwestern

    I watched every play at least 7 times to get a grade for each OL/TE (of course I'm watching it off the TV feed and not from an end zone view, but I'm still able to see everyone and what they do on each play. Were there times when our OL missed a block, didn't hold it long enough or lost their...
  4. GFBfan

    OL Grades - Northwestern

    On that Taylor TD run, the lead blocker was the one who missed his block, everyone else did a nice job to create space and move guys off the LOS
  5. GFBfan

    OL Grades - Northwestern

    Our O-Line played fairly well all night. They controlled the LOS for most of the game. RUN GAME First Half-Second Half-Whole Game: 13 Running plays in the first half and 15 in the Second LT Aireontae Ersery: 86%-88%-86% - Had another solid outing in the run game. Really uses his body and...
  6. GFBfan

    Pick'ems Week 5. Homecoming week for Minnesota! Take in the parade!

    Gophers Wildcats Rebels Boilermakers
  7. GFBfan

    PJ is injuring his running backs and it has to stop

    They had good depth in Bucky, Ky and Trey who all left. Why didn't Tyler get in the game, injured during the week? Can't trust due to fumbles last week? What is up with Evans not playing either?
  8. GFBfan

    B1G Match 2: Gophers visit Nebraska (9-24-23)

    That rally was impressive by both sides. One question for VB experts, is the ref stand not part of the net and thus a violation when running into it?
  9. GFBfan

    Pick'ems Week 4

    aTm FSU GSU Ole Miss No
  10. GFBfan

    What is the number one change you'd make to the cuurrent program?

    That isn't an AK problem, as Tanner was doing the same thing. The pass plays sometimes have only one read, sometimes two. If you really watch the WR, they run their route and look (or don't look) back for a throw which tells me when they aren't looking back that they know there is no chance of...
  11. GFBfan

    Shooter: Gophers football program still hasn’t figured out Minnesota’s colors are maroon and gold, not the black uniforms the team wore against EMU

    Your response should have been "The players like them" I'm with you on we should feature maroon and gold. Didn't care for the all black we wore vs. Eastern Mich. Would have been slightly better had they used maroon numbers with gold trim.
  12. GFBfan

    All Things D2 and D3 College Football 2023 Season Thread

    I watched most of the game. Gustavus moved the ball well (through the air and struggled to run it). Missed 3 FG's and got stopped on 4th and short three other times in Stout territory. Their Defense played well to start, but didn't tackle real well as the game went on.
  13. GFBfan

    AK... Do I have this correct?

    So he plays like a first year starter.
  14. GFBfan

    OL Grades - North Carolina

    I give the OL a 0 when they don't block anyone, which lowers their percent grade in the end.
  15. GFBfan

    OL Grades - North Carolina

    I fixed it for you :p
  16. GFBfan

    OL Grades - North Carolina

    I don't see how the run blocking could be so poor when we averaged 5.5 yards per carry. I thought the OL played well vs the NC DL in the run game. The OL did have some problems with the DL stunts but the problems in the passing game where more of the skill guys not getting things done.
  17. GFBfan

    OL Grades - North Carolina

    Our O-Line did a nice job all game in the run game. They had a few problems at times handling the stunts of NC, especially in the passing game, but overall I thought they handled the NC DL all game long. The end result didn't show how much they dominated the LOS when we had the ball. We also...
  18. GFBfan

    Deep Dive of Redzone Playcalling against EMU

    As I noted in the OL Grade thread, they did this more than once during the game. It really doesn't make any sense, especially since EMU wasn't getting much pressure because our OL was providing good protection. But, they have done this type of thing since Fleck has been here and I believe it is...
  19. GFBfan

    OL Grades - Eastern Mich

    Finished the work of grading the OL. Overall they played much better. They were more decisive in their movements and played more with their feet than they did last week. We ran more RPO type plays this week compared to last week and I also don't recall running and counter plays vs. EM like we...

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