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  1. BJack4Life

    A picture says a 1,000 words...

    I was wondering about that exchange as well. This happening didn’t help with the “play not to lose” on the final drive it seemed.
  2. BJack4Life

    Official 2024 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Was there any recruits at the game last night? I know a lot of MN highschool games were played last night, was just curious!
  3. BJack4Life

    Wyatt Gilmore Watch

    One of his teammates just posted about a PWO to Oklahoma…that can’t be good! Lol
  4. BJack4Life

    CFN’s B1G predictions for every school (Gophers 8-4, 5-4)

    You been drinkin’ Uncle Larry’s apple pie moonshine again this Easter?! I want what ur drinking!!!
  5. BJack4Life

    You 'effers need to support this!

    I give them all a listen but I tend to feel that they could be 6-10 minutes long and be just as good. Lots of fluff in the 30 minutes.
  6. BJack4Life

    Official 2025 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    I’m sure loving to see this one, as he is my cousins youngest child!
  7. BJack4Life

    Open Spring Practice info?

    Where can we find the dang press conferences to these? I just tried looking. It’s annoying how easy all of that is to find for other teams and we have such little of it floating around out there.
  8. BJack4Life

    WR Dallas Sims commits

    Love it! Looks like he is playing in Florida next year?
  9. BJack4Life

    Marcus and Gabe

    Or they would all get injured at once it seemed like
  10. BJack4Life

    POLL: Will UST have a better KenPom ranking than our Gophs at all during the 2022-23 season?

    Losing out on that Alcorn St game might hurt us on this one 😅 St Thomas is at 195 with a 17-14 record. 14 were quad 4 wins and 3 were quad 3 wins Minnesota is at 218 with a 9-21 record. 5 were quad 4 wins, 1 was quad 3, 2 were quad 2 and 1 was quad 1.
  11. BJack4Life


    With the brother and sister in law living in Lincoln and him being a massive Husker fan, we NEED this one! Go Gophers!
  12. BJack4Life

    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    Am I the only person on here that thinks this is a little premature? I would consider this as year one, as he basically had to fill a team in his first year of transfers after most had already committed due to his late hiring. He had one freshman commit (Thompson). Then had to hit restart...
  13. BJack4Life

    Week 4: Nektons of the Week Announced: Daniel Jackson, Darnell Jefferies and Greg Johnson receive weekly honor

    I was wondering this same thing when I first read this post. Would be cool to see someone break down last years and how it projected to last season.
  14. BJack4Life

    Michael Brown-Stephens

    I feel as though I lost brain cells reading this last page. Hope the young man comes back and competes for a spot at spring ball.
  15. BJack4Life

    All Things Transfer Portal News

    I keep hearing that some might get NIL deals to keep them on the team as “walk-ons”. Wonder how that all shakes out and if some may already knew that when committing?
  16. BJack4Life

    Wisconsin targeting Luke Fickell

    Lol, I saw a picture of the billboard. Had to make ole Bret annoyed! How long till we see one in MN?
  17. BJack4Life

    Official 2024 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Did you guys see that Matt Rhule retweeted Isaiah’s tweet? I thought that was a unique tactic, made the Nebraska fans really chirp back and say to go to Nebraska lol. Guess he wants to keep his kids in state!

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