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    Gopher WBB 2023-2024

    Can’t wait to see her play in a Gopher uniform
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    BIG TEN WBB 2023-24 Outlook and Overall Early Rankings

    I would put Illinois in the top 6 as well, I think they have a lot coming back. Michigan is losing a lot but they seem to reload. I would be very disappointed if the Gophers played on weakling Wednesday in the Big Ten Tournament.
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    NCAA Tournament 2022-23

    Disappointed in the officiating in this game, seems too touchy ofcalls and taking stars out of the game
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    Star-Studded Women’s Final Four Matchup Could Set Ratings Record

    Probably the 3 Big Teams I like the least are OSU, Maryland and Iowa but found myself cheering for all of them in the tournament. ESPN has a biased towards SEC and to some degree the ACC. So it was good to see the Big Ten do well. I do hope Iowa wins it all and the Gophers give them a...
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    Other B1G Team Notes 2023-24

    This is a surprise, I thought Wisconsin was making progress but maybe with the transfer portal there shouldn’t be any surprise?
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    Star-Studded Women’s Final Four Matchup Could Set Ratings Record

    My hope is that the tourney no longer gives Bridgeport and Greenville as automatic regional hosts. UConn and SC are already super powers in WBB time to play those games at neutral sites. Since I’m already on a rant would like to see 4 regional sites more geographically located through out the...
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    Thank you Katie for your contributions to the Gopher WBB! So sad it had to be cut short but your health is more importan! Hope you get some relief from the pain sooner than later and hope you can achieve recovery from your medical issues.
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    Dawn Plitzuweit Named New Gopher Head Coach!

    Feeling a bit underwhelmed. I was pulling for Duffy, I guess I was hoping for a big splash hire, maybe this is it but was hoping for someone with P 5 conference experience. Big Ten is so hard to climb.
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    Rose into the Portal

    I agree with this. Was looking forward to it.
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    Rose into the Portal

    So sad to see her go, she grew so much as a player from her first season to this season. Even this season I thought there was growth, early in the season if the ball went to her she rarely passed out of double and triple teams seems it got better as the season progressed. Still think she would...
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    MSU Coach Suzy Merchant Stepping Down due to Health Reasons

    Some head coaches annoy me, but never her. She was always classy and positive and was an asset to the Big Ten. Hope she recovers from her recent health scare and it leads to a long healthy life.
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    Some good news on the Gopher WBB front

    Let’s do a grass roots effort to pack the barn opening home game next season…oh and not invite Coyle😉
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    Coaches to Watch

    Kelly Rae Finley from Florida? Minnesota connection? Any chance to lure Jim Flanery from Creighton? Already has recruiting roots in Minnesota and has been a successful coach at A P5 school.
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    BREAKING: Mark Coyle and Lindsay Whalen announced today that Whalen will step down as head coach, effective immediately.

    I was at the game yesterday and like most was so disappointed in our start and the endless amount of turnovers. I enjoyed the comeback and can see the potential in the current players. This News makes me sad, I wish coach Whalen would have one more year, unless these players made it known they...
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    Anybody know if you can go to the Target Center Box Office and purchase general admission tickets on game day?
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    STrib: Whalen promises good things are coming; Freshmen insist they're not leaving

    I hope this true because if it is I’m buying season tickets, used to have them but since I’ve been retired we travel during the season. This group is worth staying home for. Please stay I think you got something
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    B1G Game 15: Gophers Host Nebraska (2-15-23)

    Very happy for them, agree that the refs were whistle happy. It’s good to see this team execute when they reduced the TO’s. I thought we would see more of this team we saw tonight than what we have. Hopefully gives them the confidence that they can do this and finish strong.
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    B1G Game 14: Gophers Host Wisconsin (2-11-23)

    Yes they started well, then the bench came in in the first quarter then the lead was lost. I get resting your players but good god, all at once? By the time the freshman came back in, they were behind. My biggest issue with this team has been the lack of production from the players from the...
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    B1G Game 13: Gophers Visit Ohio State (2-8-23)

    Not getting it either, I think you let the freshman play even if struggling, you’re not going to any post tournament and your senior transfers not adding anything, you play for next year.
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    B1G Game 12: Gophers Visit Illinois (2-5-23)

    Very strange coaching down the stretch, had the chance for an upset didn’t understand the line up at the end.

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