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    Hot take but I don’t mind Harbaugh so far. He seems way better than Sanford, plus it’s reasonable to think Harbaugh may improve since he is new to the position.
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    Air Force, GT under Paul Johnson. Not many do it, some that do win some don’t.
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    Week 5 Other Games Thread

    Mich State might be the worst team in the B1G, would be sweet if they knock off Iowa.
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    Expectations rest of season

    Lol why do people throw around how we were promised such and such? Promised by who?
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    Is This the Season PJ Fleck Beats Iowa?

    As bad as we’ve looked at times this year, Iowa might look worse.
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    Post Game Thread: Gophers Bounce Back With Homecoming Win!

    No one in the west is consistently blowing out teams of ULL’s level.
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    I see it every year with new players. Who else would we run out there?
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    Z. Evans

    I’m going to assume it was for a good reason. Why wouldn’t Fleck want his best players out there? We blame Fleck for not playing him and costing us the Nw game, but Evans should take some responsibility too.
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    Z. Evans

    We don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. Young Evans may have had some issues that Fleck wanted resolved. There’s a reason we haven’t had a lot of off field issues since Fleck was hired.
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    Darius is Out

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    Yes let’s write off all our young guys the second they make a bad play.
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    Fire PJ immediately please

    Have they lost to even one of them yet?
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    Divvying up the carries!

    This is working great, hopefully this continues at least somewhat when Taylor is back.
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    Philly Sneak

    Great job finally ditching that stupid wildcat formation and shotgun handoffs and finally figuring out a way to convert short yardage over and over again.
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    If we see Bruce Williams at all I’m going to be like where the hell did we get that guy?
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    Expectations rest of season

    Let’s hear what those jobs are.
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    Minnesota Vs. Louisiana 2023 - Media Predictions

    I would hope they could. Louisiana has to rely on a freshman qb.
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    Expectations rest of season

    I had higher expectations to start the year, but seeing the performances so far I’ll be happy if this team makes it to a bowl game. It will be tough as we just don’t seem to have far superior talent compared to anyone else left on our schedule. Especially if Lindenberg can’t suit up or Taylor...
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    Post Game Thread: Gophers Blow Horrendous Game to a HORRIBLE Northwestern Team

    Dan Barreiro is just taking a dump on the local sports team as usual. How is this game worse than the Michigan game or any of the bowl collapses? This wasn’t a super high expectation season and the impact of the loss isn’t that meaningful.
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    Who’ll be watching CO-USC at noon and record Gophers tomorrow?

    I wouldn’t expect an exciting game between USC and CU, maybe the player’s antics and such will be entertaining.

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