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    Expectations rest of season

    And Jared begat Enoch. And Enoch begat begat Methuselah. And Methuselah begat Lamech. And Lamech begat begat Noah. And Noah begat Shem.
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    Anonymous $2000 Oar Donor

    No. The idea was conceived here on Gopherhole many years before Fleck was affiliated with the program.
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    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    PJ is just telling the truth about how college football works now. It’s others who are reacting emotionally.
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    Fleck has lost his hunger/edge

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    Bucky Irving - Oregon

    Any week Oregon isn’t playing on the pac 12 network.
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    Ohio State AD Gene Smith says recruits are demanding $5,000 to just visit campus.

    The last day of college football ever played was 1/1/2020. Everything after that is not college football.
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    Facility issue?

    Stats bro.
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    What is the number one change you'd make to the cuurrent program?

    An NIL collective that creates real annd lucrative endorsement opportunities for revenue sports athletes with local business and corporations.
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    Floundering Wisconsin Fans in Turmoil -- Take to Social Media to Fire Coach

    And hopefully the thing he does is destroy Badger football (as we once knew it) permanently.
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    Deion Sanders Replaces Mike Sanford as Head Coach at Colorado | Tim Brewster Likely Lead Assistant

    CO is better than they used to be. Thats all I learned watching them play today.
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    NESN: Minnesota Golden Gophers: All Hype, No Substance?

    The hype? No preseason ranking and projected to finish about .500. I’m not sure that qualifies as hype.
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    Huskers TE arrested.

    Somehow this reads like… “Decisions? Honestly… Treat women with NO respect! Drugs! Stealing! Weapons!”
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    Go to Parlour at the games, support NIL

    I’m getting one every home game. :pig:
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    Week 0 Other Games Thread

    The Week Zero games this year were just brutally boring. It is time for FBS college football to start its season in Mid-August The Big Ten should just do it, and let the others follow. Or, host bowl games for n August. This time of year is a ridiculous blank slate for televised sports...
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    Big Ten requiring game day availability reports

    Has it occurred to you that it’s not about hiding it from the public, it’s about not providing info to the opposition.
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    Mel Tucker says some BT teams are spending $12-$13MM a year on NIL

    The whole point of NIL was that it couldn’t be traced/tracked/reported or monitored by anyone.
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    Fleck said somebody told him he would never sell out the stadium when he was hired at Minnesota.

    That narrows it down to any sportswriter in this metro area.

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