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  1. GVLCGopherFan

    Fleck: interesting facts about Kaliakmanis

    That was worth the re-watch. Thanks.
  2. GVLCGopherFan

    Refs Robbed Nebraska on Gopher's Game Tying TD

    I love the ref in the background with the cane.
  3. GVLCGopherFan

    Strack: 3 Takeaways From Gophers’ Ugly Season-Opening Victory Over Huskers

    Not sure I agree with the special ream’s assessment. Giving up the long kick return was bad but the running into the kicker penalty was on the weaker side. The pressure of making a long field goal as time runs out trumps missing a 54 yarder. I’m not saying special teams play was strong but I...
  4. GVLCGopherFan

    Chip: Will P.J. Fleck change as a coach, as change swirls all around him?

    If PJ can win by running the ball that’s what he’ll continue to do. If it turns out our QB and WR’s are more talented this year he’ll use that as a tool to keep teams off balance and throw more. No one’s changing a core strategy if it’s still effective though.
  5. GVLCGopherFan

    Top linebacker out for Nebraska?

    I see they still hand those goofy black shirts out.
  6. GVLCGopherFan

    Gophers rank 3rd in signing “chip” players—ahead of tOSU!

    Farmers and Mechanics bank down town. Everyone got to hold a thousand dollar bill.
  7. GVLCGopherFan

    Big Ten Power Rankings entering 2023

    This is the most accurate pre-season ranking I’ve seen. No team slid up the list because of a coaching change - it seems to be based on actual talent.
  8. GVLCGopherFan

    Reusse: Glory days of Nebraska football, and Husker Nation's decline, detailed by a 'Minnesota Twin'

    Hah. I’m guessing you didn’t bother to read the entire article.
  9. GVLCGopherFan

    Nebraska announces starting RB

    He ain't no Jarvis Redwine.
  10. GVLCGopherFan

    Gophers preview from Northwestern POV

    That’s the first thing I noticed too. Didn’t I just see something about 27?
  11. GVLCGopherFan

    Does realignment affect recruiting?

    Just when I started to enjoy life again you have to bring it up.
  12. GVLCGopherFan

    Does realignment affect recruiting?

    The other Big Ten teams have the same advantage. Doesn’t that make it a wash regarding conference play?
  13. GVLCGopherFan

    Northwestern Fires Pat Fitzgerald

    What if Frost took the job and won the west. I’d drive to Nebraska just to witness things firsthand.
  14. GVLCGopherFan

    Jacob Simpson Commits to Gophers!

    Somehow I missed Spann-Ford being 270lbs.
  15. GVLCGopherFan

    Air Conditioned Helmets

    A different kind of helmet cooler.
  16. GVLCGopherFan

    Gophers Recruiting CB Avante Dickerson Again Now That He's In Portal

    Crap. Now the thread name doesn’t match again.

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