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    He's easily the best Gopher TE with a hyphenated last name since Nick Tow-Arnett.
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    What grade would you give Gophers coaching in win over Louisiana?

    I don't expect zero mistakes. But a collegiate player fielding a kickoff that's clearly headed out of bounds? No excuse for that. Especially after last week.
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    Post Game Thread: Gophers Bounce Back With Homecoming Win!

    Either the Special Teams coach needs to be relieved of his duties immediately or a certain special teamer needs to be replaced. Those types of mistakes are not acceptable at the high school level, let alone in the Big 10.
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    Fire PJ immediately please

    Mike Grant, Tony Dungy, Marc Testman
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    Expectations rest of season

    I just hope everyone has fun and nobody gets hurt.
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    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    I'm god awful at math, but I'm just sitting here wondering, "Where does all the money go?"
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    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    I finally got a chance to listen back to the interview. When he mentions "there's a guy that should still be here" (Irving), there's a very nervous chuckle from Grim/Gaard. PJ carries on and says, "We all laugh about it..." and you can hear a lady in the background say, "I'm not laughing."...
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    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    Thinking more about this, why would you make that statement? Is it an assumption? Just because Irving left, you assume Taylor is gone as well? If so, that's a pretty lousy thing to do to Taylor publicly. Or has Taylor already declared to Fleck that he's going wherever the money is next year...
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    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    After talking about Darius Taylor, Fleck basically implied he's not going to be here next year. He then said they had a guy who used to play here, that's doing well someplace else because they couldn't afford to pay him (Irving, of course).
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    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    Correct. I guess it's not expected of him, but I think it's gross that he has to go out and beg for money to try and keep players he already got to commit.
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    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    It's pretty gross when the head coach of a college football team has to go on the radio and urge people to make donations to a 3rd party so he can pay his players. They might as well go ahead and remove the "C" from NCAA. It's no longer applicable.
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    Kyle Rudolph was on 93X this morning and he mentioned that he's going to start calling games for NBC. I assume he'll be the color commentator.
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    If Fleck doesn't take 100% ownership for this disaster postgame..

    Yup. Lost last week due to lack of talent. Lost this week due to lack of heart and brains.
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    Fire PJ immediately please

    He's a great coach. He's certainly not still making hay on a weak 2019 schedule gifted to him, piggybacked with a roster that included possibly the greatest collection of MN high school kids ever...oh, and Antoine Winfield Jr.
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    PJ is Glen Mason

    Glen had a pair and a spare. PJ has half a pair.
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    What grade would you give the Gophers coaching in the embarrassing loss to Northwestern?

    I thank the lord Sid died before he had to try and come up with an excuse for this.
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    Fire PJ immediately please

    If you don't like it, maybe don't blow a 21 point lead against a team that's being held together by Scotch tape. This was an embarrassing job from top to bottom.
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    Year 7, one of the most pathetic losses in my 45 years.

    No. But replacing him with a young, hotshot coach hasn't really mattered. Same shit, different guy.

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