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    Kudos to the kid. Sitting second in the Big Ten for TE's right now. Coming into the year with one catch. This is how talented kids emerge. It takes them time. McNight is quietly working his way up the stats chart as well. All of a sudden we're looking at three nice targets for Weber...
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    The best thing about today is....

    that Wisconsin Sucks.
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    Purdue in trouble.

    Toledo putting the scare in them. Northwestern in a tight game too. Interesting.
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    The best year ever.

    Obviously not, but maybe one of the most interesting. In responding to another post from a long time Gopher fan who's a bit down right now it suddenly dawned on me that we might be experiencing the most interesting Gopher year in a very long time, probably since Holtz got us all believing. The...
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    Go Gophers

    Game day!!! woo hoo!! Big game. It will tell us alot about this team.
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    Brooster considering retiring.

    Head fooseball coach of the Minnesota golden goopheys is considering retiring. In an interview yesterday he said, "I really don't want to, but apparently it's for the physical well being or our less than masculine fan base". Apparently the difficulty in building a program is a bit too...
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    The good news.

    Well we've got the thrid ranked RB by yard in the Big Ten. The second ranked WR by receptions in the Big Ten. The fifth ranked passer in many categories, with no interceptions in the Big Ten. Would of thunk we could say that at the beginning of the season. Who'd a thunk we'd say that and that...
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    Hot Seat.

    I think we can all agree Brewster is officially on the hot seat. Let's set the hand wringing aside, and come to grips that the earliest a change would be made is probably about game 8, most likely the day after game 12. Let's also assume that USC destroys us, and just so we don't have to bring...
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    TY gopherhole staff.

    It's very cool to have Terry looking over us on the football forum. It's like having our own Gopher Obi Won. It'll help keep him and the Hoese family in our thoughts as we talk football and remind us that there is a human side to this game. We are in fact a part of a larger community that...
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    As the dust settles.

    Sometimes it takes awhile for the dust to settle. After enough time has passed you gain perspective, it's always interesting what thoughts remain. Of course great efforts line Duane Bennett and Joh Hoese stick out. But apart from those the two thoughts that are sticking with me are these...
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    Rivals 2011 Team Recruiting Rankings

    They're up. Did I miss a thread on this? Rivals 2011 Team Rankings Quick recap. Ohio State #5 Michigan State #22 Iowa #30 Michigan #31 Minnesota #34 Indiana #44 Northwestern #51 Penn state oddly with only four recruits so far. We know that'll change.
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    Half Way There

    Only one more victory to meet expectations!!!! Woo hooo!!
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    Rugby kick

    so I thought that rugby style punt with the perfect skip bounce to down the ball on the one was pretty sweet. I don't know much about rugby, but isn't that a pretty standard execution in that game? I have a feeling we saw the future of red zone punting.
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    Wandering no more.

    They began a band of survivors Bloodied, and routed in the shadows of the Dome. Heads low and swords dragging in their solitude, Held high where they might be known And as they traveled, Surviving skirmish after skirmish, Often only through retreat, They grew stronger. As the years...
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    Adrian Peterson considers dropping football.

    I'm very sorry, I tried really hard not to post this.
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    Theret, Royston, Collado, Carter were pretty much starting by the end of the year. BPT had been pushed out by Carter, and Sherels was injured most of the season. Collado filling in nicely and doing outstanding work in the nickel. Jacobs was getting quality minutes including three starts...
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    Changing of the guard.

    There's something different about this team. Something we haven't seen in Gopherland in a long time. A quiet confidence and comittment to excellence and kicking ass. I think the skyline boys etal have taken over the personality of this team and I think we're going to like it.
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    For U receivers, gritty plays will ignite pretty plays - Phil Miller

    Another great article. I didn't realize how much I missed decent sports writing until Phil showed up. It really highlights how crappy the local media has been that he's so head and shoulders above everyone else. Miller Anyway, some very intriguing quotes/opinions regarding the Oline and run...
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    Senior dinner last night, team reporting today, first practice Friday. I'm pumped and particularly interested to see how Miller does covering the Gophers. I think we'll get some nice info. I'm already pleased at the quality of his blog posts.
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    If anyone needed a reminder of just how far the talent level has improved revisit this: 2007

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