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  1. Seany

    New defensive back Jack Henderson bringing Cajun spice to Gophers

    Thanks for posting this, Bleed. Agreed, and I'll tell ya, that interception he had against Maye was an absolute beauty, full extension, just an awesome play. He looks to be a real player, and I am very glad that he's a Gopher.
  2. Seany

    Poll-Chili Hot poll. Yay or Nay?

    Hotter than freaking Hades, baby.
  3. Seany

    Coaching Carousel Conference Preview: Big Ten (Hot Seat: Ben Johnson, MN)

    Great coach. I’d consider him to be a huge home run.
  4. Seany

    PAC 12 Dissolution

    Totally agree with this, man. That was a foundational conference going all the way back to 1915, with so much history and tradition, and to see it so rapidly end like this, it is shocking, it's disappointing, and it is very, very sad. I was reading an article by Stewart Mandel this morning...
  5. Seany

    Sports illustrated drops a bomb on NIL

    I kind of wish they’d blow that whole NIL thing up, as I pretty much hate it. It is just sketchier than hell and is just a wide open doorway to massive financial malfeasance.
  6. Seany

    Minnesota Recruiting Rewind: Best signee, biggest bust, the one who got away (from

    Hmmm. Kind of surprised that JJ Watt wasn’t listed as being amongst one of the ones who got away, as both he and future MSU All-American LB Greg Jones committed in the same cycle to Glen Mason, prior to stuff happening and they deciding to go away.
  7. Seany

    Transfer DB Tyler Bride from Georgia Southern Commits to Gophers!!

    Here comes the Bride! Welcome, Tyler!
  8. Seany

    Great read: Former Gophers basketball player Jonathan Williams overcomes brain surgeries to coach top AAU squad

    That is awesome. Great news, and you've gotta love a fighter like that.
  9. Seany

    Big Ten Basketball: Early grades for each teams 2023 offseason moves (14. Minnesota Golden Gophers – Grade: F)

    Very well-stated. Game plans are obviously produced for a reason. After studying an opponent, looking at game film, strategizing individual matchups, you draw up as comprehensive a plan as possible saying look, this is what we aim to do. These are their strengths and weaknesses as compared to...
  10. Seany

    Early preseason all-B1G men's basketball team for 2023-24

    In the words of the immortal Keith Jackson, Whoa, Nelly! Might want to check that link.
  11. Seany

    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    We are a frustrated and disappointed fanbase that deserves way, way better than this, and so does the Gopher men's basketball program. I'm quite sure that no one here would argue with that.
  12. Seany

    Next Gopher Head Coach

    I will tell you what, Ben McCollum completely fascinates me as a coaching prospect. I realize it's at a lower level, but my opinion so far as basketball goes is that if you can coach, you can coach, and the amount of winning that guy does year after year after year is absolutely insane. 365-85...
  13. Seany

    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    Agree. There is literally no one on this board saying "OMG, Ben Johnson is like so totally awesome, brah!". That's just a stupid and totally false narrative. No one here (that I am aware of at least, and I read this board pretty damn religiously) is happy that he's our coach, or that he was even...
  14. Seany

    Jaden Henley commits to DePaul

    Definitely. I think he's gonna be a good one.
  15. Seany

    Reusse Gopher Basketball Insights - Transfer Gossip, NIL Money, Facilities, Dutcher, Musselman ETC

    Why do you say that it's complete BS? Is there any evidence (beyond hearsay or supposition) that exists either way, like a database of which schools are playing which players how much? If there's not, there sure as heck should be! I don't know, but I find it pretty dubious to believe that...
  16. Seany

    Reusse Gopher Basketball Insights - Transfer Gossip, NIL Money, Facilities, Dutcher, Musselman ETC

    I found it very interesting, his statement that Cory Provus told him six weeks ago that there was no way Jamison Battle would be coming back next season, as he was already planning on testing the waters to try and find some NIL $$$ out there that he wasn't receiving here.
  17. Seany

    Reusse Gopher Basketball Insights - Transfer Gossip, NIL Money, Facilities, Dutcher, Musselman ETC

    With everything on his plate just being a basketball coach, is it really Ben's job to be out there hustling for money too? That's a serious question, as to me it seems a whole hell of a lot to be asking or expecting from such a young and inexperienced coach. And I agree, it's way less about Ben...
  18. Seany

    Reusse Gopher Basketball Insights - Transfer Gossip, NIL Money, Facilities, Dutcher, Musselman ETC

    Interesting. This is the first time I've ever heard Reusse's voice. Thoughts- 1. Man is he getting old! I still picture him from back in the '80s when he was young and spritely and full of piss, and I was shocked to see this quite elderly man, though I shouldn't have been. :unsure: 2. If...
  19. Seany

    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    Tasmania? That's pretty cool!
  20. Seany

    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    It's a good strategy, really. Seems like it would be far less risky to bring in experienced portal players because for the most part, they're already at least partially developed such that you know with a fairly high degree of certainty exactly what you're going to get, whereas with high...

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