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  1. GoodasGold

    Anonymous $2000 Oar Donor

    It certainly isn’t me funding $2000 in scholarships every home game. So yeah, you’re most likely right, it is PJ Fleck! 💁‍♂️
  2. GoodasGold

    Z. Evans

    “Our country going to hell”!?! What in the Wide World of Sports are you talking about? We live in perhaps the finest country south of Canada . Appreciate where you are. It could be worse.
  3. GoodasGold

    Fire PJ immediately please

    That Fleck is a bleed’n genius! 🕺
  4. GoodasGold

    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    Those were the daze!
  5. GoodasGold

    Expectations rest of season

    I generally am Good at letting go of a loss, and moving on after a few days. But admittedly I’m struggling. I just cannot un-see that last game! 😱
  6. GoodasGold

    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    Burrito Loco can offer only so much. 😞
  7. GoodasGold


    Fleck’s face is no longer marred.
  8. GoodasGold

    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    Can NIL buy us better coaching? 🤔
  9. GoodasGold

    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    Eat like a pig!!!
  10. GoodasGold

    Gophers' Ben Johnson hopes students bring energy again to the Barn

    I used to make brownies that everyone seemed to really like.
  11. GoodasGold


    Can a man truly ever overcome ADDH? 🤔
  12. GoodasGold

    Play to win, PJ

    Alas. I guess we won’t be needing to add that third deck to Bank Stadium. 😞
  13. GoodasGold

    P.J. Fleck on Darius Taylor in OT - "The trainer pulled him out. We'll figure it out as we move forward."

    That may be, but I received a letter this week informing me that I may already be a winner!
  14. GoodasGold

    Fleck has lost his hunger/edge

    Laurel taking Hardy

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