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  1. Mulligan

    After obliterating Colorado, Oregon releases recap video featuring Colorado pre-game trash talk

    Based on Based on their games against us, they might want a refund for the recent years.
  2. Mulligan

    Deja Vu all over again with PJ

    Not that the main point isn't valid, (Chip Scoggins has written about it much more effeciently) but you're on the verge of bailing out two years ago and here you still are; upset and threatening to bail again. And European soccer is the satisfying alternative? Kind of like hitting yourself in...
  3. Mulligan

    SI: Extreme punt gaffe among 5 things that stood out in Gophers' loss

    Oh, I think it'll get ugly. That's what's so frustrating. Watching Oregon yesterday, I couldn't help but think that there's no way we're going to compete with them and USC is as good, if not better. And most years the other two are going to be a class above us. It's like this year is our last...
  4. Mulligan


    God, I hope those stands aren't a preview of Williams Arena this winter.
  5. Mulligan

    Fleck: interesting facts about Kaliakmanis

    Maybe if run game sucked in the first game, you want to establish it in the next game since your basic philosophy is to control the clock and limit the opportunities your opponent has. (Even if you have to hand it off 157 times.)
  6. Mulligan

    Mack Brown considering playing ineligible receiver Tez Walker

    Just another form of whining by the entitled Tar Heels.
  7. Mulligan

    The Gophers’ TD rate (37.5 percent) in the red zone is ranked 119th in the country after two weeks.

    Didn't the first time down there end with the keeper where AK lost yardage? That play is not going to help change Fleck's basic philosophy. I think that's to pound it in; not sure he's going to look first at opening it up. IMO, the emphasis will be on better execution on what they're already...
  8. Mulligan

    MSU Mel Tucker involved in Harassment Case

    They bonded over their love of Jordan sneakers? WTF? Not proud of myself, but I can't take my eyes off of this car crash just as I couldn't with the Northwestern one.
  9. Mulligan

    Go Big Red or the Deon Sanders Circus ?

    I'm just glad we finished our home and home with them last year.
  10. Mulligan

    Ilhen cleared. Fox next?

    From the Strib: The Gophers men's basketball team doesn't officially open practice for this season until the end of the month, but forward Isaiah Ihnen will have no limitations once it starts. Ihnen, a 6-10 redshirt junior, was fully cleared for contact recently after missing the last two...
  11. Mulligan

    Possible hurricane game vs UNC

    I have a feeling people in the Carolinas would react to this hurricane watch and discussion the same way many of us did to the Cornhuskers' fear of crime in Minneapolis.
  12. Mulligan

    North Carolina vs South Carolina

    Just so you know, I do know that.
  13. Mulligan

    North Carolina vs South Carolina

    Maybe we could get $800,000 somewhere and just buy our way out of the game if we're doomed.
  14. Mulligan

    Buffs - Coach Prime

    I was going to start calling you "Pharma" but now I won't.
  15. Mulligan

    Chip: Athan Kaliakmanis looks the part despite Gophers' growing pains

    Among other things I like his mobility and he is also a threat to keep it and go.
  16. Mulligan

    Daniel Jackson TD catch was the best #Gophers football moment since _____________?

    Gary Russell's run against Michigan
  17. Mulligan

    What grade would you give Gophers coaches in win over Nebraska?

    Solid B. Yes, there was a lot to be frustrated about starting with the running game. But they kept playing hard; avoided being hurt by penalties; won the turnover battle; and they executed when the game was on the line. They looked like the better coached team when they were moving into position...
  18. Mulligan

    Post Game Thread: Gophers With AMAZING Comeback Win!!!

    Ya, Cal Stoll is the only coach in history who thought it took a couple of games to get an offensive line to come together. I'd guess most coaches would agree with that. Just my opinion.

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