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  1. nsmike

    Minnesota Golden Gophers in the NFL - 2023 Season

    Rashod Bateman, is expected to start for Baltimore, with Odell Beckham Jr. out.
  2. nsmike

    Minnesota Golden Gophers in the NFL - 2023 Season

    Perhaps that's part of the reason that front office team is no longer with the Vikings!
  3. nsmike

    Possible hurricane game vs UNC

    The forecasters are saying the faster it intensifies the more likely it is to recurve out to sea. I'm not sure I'm comfortable hoping that a storm intensifies.
  4. nsmike

    Week 1 Other Games Thread (Games Start Thursday and Go Through Monday!!!)

    Duke just nailed the coffin shut with another TD.
  5. nsmike

    Possible hurricane game vs UNC

    Right now it's pretty up in the air. Even though tropical formation is likely the path can't really be predicted until it forms. Right now it's 50/50 whether it goes into the Atlantic or Caribbean. It'll be Thursday before the forecasters have a good idea where it's going.
  6. nsmike


    I dodged my first hurricane as a new Florida resident. Fortunately I'm far enough south that I only had to deal with rain bands and tornado warnings. I've got my gold on and will be watching the game with a tiki type drink in hand.
  7. nsmike

    Gophers rank 3rd in signing “chip” players—ahead of tOSU!

    I went on a cool trip in third grade but I'm not from Minnesota. We went on a tour of the USS Constitution in Boston Harbor. The Guided Missile Cruiser Boston was in the next pier over.
  8. nsmike

    2024 Commits Football Season Highlights/News

    I like how Petzlaff first cut off the outside lane turning th QB to the inside before making the tackle. That's good football.
  9. nsmike

    Tanner’s NFL Journey

    If he doesn't make a practice squad. I would expect that he will be a grad assistant with the Gophers next year.
  10. nsmike


    He played 5 yrs in the NFL that's pretty good.
  11. nsmike

    Garrett Brown

    I found his obituary
  12. nsmike

    SEC recruit flips and reclasses… 2 years up

    Max actual grade is 4.0 but certain AP and dual enrollment college courses get a multiplier applied. A course with a 1.5 multiplier could show up on a transcript as a 6.0 (4.0 x 1.5).
  13. nsmike

    Garrett Brown

    Sad news RIP!
  14. nsmike

    Jacob Simpson Commits to Gophers!

    I suspect that he'll get up to 230 or so for his final HS season but it'll take a couple of years in the weight program to get big enough for the Big Ten. I willing to bet neither Iowa school wanted to wait and develop him.
  15. nsmike

    Quinn Carroll Steals Show At Brute OLine Development Camp

    Paying for camps, in the NIL era, shouldn't be a problem. We have had quarterbacks attend various camps why not an offensive lineman.
  16. nsmike

    Grad Transfer CB Tre'Von Jones Commits

    Have you bothered looking at this staffs record for evaluating defensive back talent? I trust the staff!
  17. nsmike

    WR Dallas Sims commits

    We should be able to hang on to him. He has family in Minnesota.
  18. nsmike

    Donnell Kirkwood hired by UND

    At least it's not NDSU!

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