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    What are your favorite music videos of all-time?

    This is solid and also one of my current favorites. Good music is like a balm to the soul:
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    What are your favorite music videos of all-time?

    Favorite video? Weapon of Choice with Christopher Walken. Nothing comes close to this:
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    Best Summer Songs

    What a voice. Sinatra and the Summer Wind. A great boating song.
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    All Things TV Series Recommendations/Reviews

    We also just finished The Night Agent. That was the first series we've ever watched on Netflix. We enjoyed it. Some details were a bit silly here and there but found it highly entertaining.
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    Started a GopherHole tourney bracket group

    One of the other pools we are in a few of the leaders still have a team alive in the final and that's it. No other picks in the final four, nothing. Pretty amazing.
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    Looking to join an NCAA pool

    Thank you. The mission has been accomplished. I'll enter your's as well.
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    Looking to join an NCAA pool

    I'm looking for an NCAA pool to join. Up to a $25.00 entry. Anyone got anything?
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    Mark Coyle in response to is Gophers Men's basketball HC Ben Johnson's job safe (Video)

    I didn't listen to Coyle but he's certainly going to put his own job ahead of Johnson's. If getting rid of Johnson will save himself he'd likely, as would most, do it in a heartbeat. That's just the way it is.
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    Lindsay Whalen Steps Down - Effective Immediately

    Great representative of the U. Legendary player. Didn't happen as a coach. Hope all is well for her going forward.
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    BREAKING!!!! Dennis Evans ask for release….

    My darling wife and I were discussing this very thing a few weeks ago and we're surprised he hadn't opened up his recruiting. Johnson will have to do this the hard way and prove he can make winners out of some of these kids before a big talent like Evans would consider playing for us. I don't...
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    All Things Weather

    GWG, I notice that the people at Bam Weather seem to be saying that it looks like the La Nina is ending. How will that affect our weather patterns. Aren't we typically warmer during El Nino years?
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    Fascinating Biblical History

    I couldn't vouch for the person who made this video but it's not uncommon knowledge. The real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia? Quite likely apparently. There are numerous sources for this. Pretty amazing.
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    All Things Weather

    I'd guess we ended up with about 7 inches in the northern St. Paul suburbs.
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    All Things Weather

    Whistles. Whew, it's going to be a tough couple of days for people traveling. If you're traveling by air expect delays and likely cancellations. If you're traveling by car this is the kind of weather that people die in. Think twice.
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    I'm guessing this is from 1985. I think this is Sinatra's best performance of Mack the Knife. He takes a shot at the Japanese audience though if you catch it. Who ever did the subtitles for the lyrics failed badly. Regardless. Amazing.
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    State Fair 2022

    Didn't know this existed. Live DNR pond fish cam:
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    State Fair 2022

    The park and rides in Roseville are pretty slick. Yes, you're getting on a bus but most of these are traveling coaches with plenty of room. It's a 10 or 15 minute ride from there - provided they're not full of course. We have a bit of a built in advantage: We live pretty close. My mother lives...
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    State Fair 2022

    Hmmm. The only real new things we did were the cotton candy float and the Hmong Kitchen. Both were great. My only disappointment was if you're into Chan's Chicken, which I think is fabulous, both my son and I independently thought they changed up the recipe a bit. Still great, but a bit...
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    State Fair 2022

    Have you been to The Fair? Are you planning on going to The Fair? We went opening day and then again Saturday with the kids and grandkids. All is well. The crowds are back.
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    Son moving to Minnesota in August

    Oh, we just got together with a relative who was up from Jacksonville a few weeks ago. She moved down there about 15 years ago I suppose. Loves it.

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