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  1. saintpauljeff

    Week 5 Other Games Thread

    Why is “Fire Brian” trending on Twitter? Iowa is going to win their game and have a chance to solidify the division lead next week.
  2. saintpauljeff

    Is This the Season PJ Fleck Beats Iowa?

    Not a chance, Fleck is Ferentz’s b*tch
  3. saintpauljeff

    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    Fleck has seemingly gone full 🤡 mode, this is hilarious
  4. saintpauljeff

    The headline in the Sunday newspaper will read?...

    Still Struggling Offense Produces 7 FG in 21-17 Gopher Victory
  5. saintpauljeff

    Darius Taylor Runs to Third Straight B1G Freshman of the Week Honor

    technically he could follow in Irving's footsteps and not leave a B1G program next year
  6. saintpauljeff

    Darius Taylor Runs to Third Straight B1G Freshman of the Week Honor

    Maximum NIL money waiting for him next year
  7. saintpauljeff

    PMac: Fleck — no hyperbole — is one of the worst in-game Power-5 coaches in the country. He can recruit & market a program. But in-game hes a disaster

    Glen Mason 2.0 Mase has even started to admit during his weekly Barreiro appearance that he wasn't a very smart coach back in the day...
  8. saintpauljeff

    PJ is injuring his running backs and it has to stop

    this is why I've turned into the casual fan in the last couple of years; the NIL money grab & transfer portal crap benefits the top 15 programs nationally and the rest are left to fight it out to maybe find an elite positional player
  9. saintpauljeff


    wait what?!? I thought the game was over and the ticker just showed it tied 31-31?
  10. saintpauljeff

    Week 4 Other Games Thread

    But first some delay with missed FGs 🤦‍♂️ Someone must have the 1st half under
  11. saintpauljeff

    Week 4 Other Games Thread

    And Michigan finally woke up. This will be over shortly.
  12. saintpauljeff

    Week 4 Other Games Thread

    Badgers about to start pummeling Purdue
  13. saintpauljeff

    Goal Line Club?

    I used to go to the Goal Line Club as a season ticket holder before Megatongue ruined our ownership experience. Parking in Oak St. ramp we always needed somewhere to go. It was... ok. They kept raising prices so we kept having to drink more and more beer to warrant the cost. So for most of...
  14. saintpauljeff

    Ohio State AD Gene Smith says recruits are demanding $5,000 to just visit campus.

    Didn’t Paige Bueckers start signing deals as a high school student? Man, she could have made big bucks on her recruitment tour and still gone to UConn in the end.
  15. saintpauljeff

    Take me back to the Air Wacker days Gopher fans

    2-3 vs. Alvarez during his tenor, gave me a couple of Axe wins while in school
  16. saintpauljeff

    The headline in the Sunday paper will read?...

    'Gopher FGs overcome Greek Rifle's continued struggles'
  17. saintpauljeff


    Exactly what I’ve been doing as Grimm and DT remain so cool on the radio commentating this mess.

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