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    Braun Selected for US 3on3 Trials

    My understanding is that the U.S. qualified two separate teams for this event. One team age 23 and under and one team age 21 and under. The younger team beat the older team in the semi-finals to get to the final game where they defeated the team from China.
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    Braun Selected for US 3on3 Trials

    10 minutes per game.
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    Dawn Plitzuweit's Introductory Presser on Monday

    After watching Coach P's introductory remarks, my first thought was how confident Dawn is. She knows the expectations of the job and she is certain she can succeed. Contrast this press conference with Lindsey's five years ago. She clearly was not prepared for the job. She did not have a...
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    Thank you Lindsay

    Thank you Lindsay!! I am very sorry it ended this way. Major college coaching is unforgiving. I don't understand Mark Coyle's thinking concerning the timing of this move. He did not consult me, however. Best wishes for whatever the future brings. Keep your head up!! You represented the U...
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    B1G Game 10: Gophers Host Michigan (1-29-23)

    This game was very disappointing and hard to watch. A few observations: 1. They did not look "recharged" after a week-long pause between games, 2. nor did they in any way look confident. 3. The transfer portal bench cannot contribute any offense. Gradwell has lost confidence in her shot. We...
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    Will Ramberg

    Sure could have used another 4 points in this game. Had Ramberg been in the second half for another 4 or 5 minutes, maybe he could have been the difference maker for a different outcome. The guys other than Battle who were on the floor sure were not scoring. One other point, a point guard's...
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    STrib: Maggie Czinano Relishes New Beginning

    Finally an answer to the question of why Maggie Czinano was on the bench all last season. I wondered why a recruited athlete played so little on a struggling team. I understand confidentiality but it is frustrating as a fan to be so in the dark about what some players are experiencing. I...
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    Kadi Sissoko enters the transfer portal

    Best wishes to Kaddi, where ever she ends up. I have to say she was very frustrating to watch. I agree with comments above about her limitations. So athletic yet a good example that athleticism does not make a good basketball player. I'm thinking of Rodney Williams. Traveling, offensive...
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    Poll: What grade would you give the 2021-2022 season?

    A very frustrating season. So much potential. Last night's game was telling. The game was there for the taking--NW missing free throws and we actually took the lead late. (How many times have we seen that this year?) Then, what happens? 1. Can't block out on free throws and give the ball...
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    2022-2023 Season.

    My hope is that Micheaux overcomes her fouling problem. She needs to be on the floor. Look at her rebounding numbers compared to her minutes. Her soft touch is an asset, but she has to develop the ability sense where the defender is and not force her way through the defender. That and a 8...

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