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  1. PoockItInfor6

    I changed the flag on the kids fort, that should help

    You’ve got a good point slab - we were getting a new roof and they took down my flag post… I’ll make sure it’s back up on Saturday!
  2. PoockItInfor6

    Darius Taylor through Three Games

    I’m not sure how one can nitpick a true freshmen running for 330 in his first 2 games… The kid is a straight baller, put in the work to get strong enough for the B1G on day 1. I’m not an RB coach, but if there is any validity in your opinion and he improves on that, opposing defenses are...
  3. PoockItInfor6

    Darius Taylor through Three Games

    This is amazing! Thank you!
  4. PoockItInfor6

    What is the number one change you'd make to the cuurrent program?

    I’d go back in time and stop the 2020 season from being cancelled, then uncancelled, then George Floyd happening… Going into that season it looked like we had a skyrocketing trajectory… now it’s taking a slower approach to breakthrough. I do think Fleck could benefit from having a sort of D&A...
  5. PoockItInfor6

    Mel Tucker DID get fired. With cause.

    Michigan State seems like one of the worst jobs in the B1G? If I were a coach, I’d honestly like Minnesota more than about any other job, though the average length of tenure of Iowa would hypothetically be enticing (but for having to live in Iowa, and of course Iowa sucking).
  6. PoockItInfor6

    Weather @ UNC

    I mean it’s raining on my tarp covered roof today… so I’d prefer no rain 😉
  7. PoockItInfor6

    Ga Southern Eagles vs Badgers, GSU may have a chance!

    We are ALL cheering your squad on Talon!!!
  8. PoockItInfor6

    How hot is your Chili? UNC Championship Week!

    No Allie Rae in Gophers apparel option? After the last week in this forum figured that would be a voting choice!
  9. PoockItInfor6

    How do you feel about the NC game?

    Great goals of winning the west and maybe even sneaking out an upset in the CCG would remain on the table even in the case of an L… Although it would all but kill any chance of the playoffs (though beating OSU, MI, plus the west and the CCG would hypothetically put us back in)…
  10. PoockItInfor6

    How do you feel about the NC game?

    The poll options don’t really make sense..
  11. PoockItInfor6

    Weather @ UNC

    No hurricane game?!
  12. PoockItInfor6

    oops -- wrong forum

    This thread got pre season All American votes like Mr. Nubin!
  13. PoockItInfor6

    Chili Poll - Week 2

    Hot as both climate change and those fires back in the looting days of Minneapolis! 🔥🔥
  14. PoockItInfor6

    Chili Poll - Week 2

    That game felt almost exactly like Fresno State! Repeat of 2019 in store!
  15. PoockItInfor6

    Post Game Thread: Gophers With AMAZING Comeback Win!!!

    I got the impression we were trying to save both (hoping to redshirt one or both?) - When the game was still on the line in the 4th is when we saw Darius… Presume we realized we need both of them this season though at this point…
  16. PoockItInfor6

    Gophers Recruiting CB Avante Dickerson Again Now That He's In Portal

    Very strange - You feel for a kid that has talent and picks a school for the wrong reasons… Seems like the Gophers have been really consistent in getting our DBs to the league/
  17. PoockItInfor6

    NESN: Minnesota Golden Gophers: All Hype, No Substance?

    It’s definitely AI. That’s the problem with turning our world over to AI.
  18. PoockItInfor6

    Light show for Nebraska game

    Mine also sat in waiting to connect - in retrospect it basically seemed like the lights just stayed in so I could have just turned on my flashlight?

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