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  1. husker70

    Is Frost fired before or after the end of the 2021 season?

    I went to games when Jennings was the Coach, you could sit anywhere you wanted. It was Big 8 football, Oklahoma and the seven dwarves.
  2. husker70

    Its Hard to question anything Coach Callahan has done

    Since he took over the offensive line he has the running game going no matter who is carrying the rock. But with graduations there are two spots open. Some would say that's it, but not so fast my friends. He has options. I see the starting 5: Right Tackle Daniel Falalele Right Guard Blaise...
  3. husker70

    Please keep the road uniforms simple and classic this weekend

    As we go up against Maryland who will feature the most garish helmet and uniform combo. Keep our simple and classic.
  4. husker70

    Nebraska names true freshman Adrian Martinez as Starter

    This coverage is glowing all over the internet. This link is from the Lincoln Journal Star Meanwhile in Minneapolis we have the doom and gloom pessimists saying we cannot expect too much from a true freshman. We need a quarterback whisperer, a wing and prayer...
  5. husker70

    Want to scout the Aggies?

    The New Mexico State Aggies will open the season at home at Aggie Memorial Stadium on August 25th against the Wyoming Cowboys. The game is on ESPN2 at 9 P.M.
  6. husker70

    Former Robinsdale QB has passed awy

    Dennis Claridge who graduated from Robinsdale in 1960 had offers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Nebraska chose to go to Nebraska for a chance to play. The Huskers had been a cellar dweller in the Big 8. 3-6 under Bill Jennings. In 1962 Bob Devaney was hired and switched the offense to an...
  7. husker70

    Coach Fleck welcomed to the Jungle

    Coach Fleck was the last guest on the Jim Rome show from radio row at the Mall of America. It goes out to his radio affiliates and CBS Sports TV. He talked about the athletes village, having the Eagles there, Kirk Cousins addressing the team. It was all good, and getting a little Jungle Karma is...
  8. husker70

    The Championship Committee has some questions to be answered

    Alabama Clemson Miami Oklahoma Wisconsin If the undefeated team in the Big 10 was say Michigan, Ohio State would they also be 5th? I hate to say it but all Miami can do is just win out.
  9. husker70

    Can anyone explain this

    I watched the Michigan State Spartans beat Michigan at the Big House. That is a fact. But when you look at the polls whether AP, or ESPN Coaches Michigan fell 10 spots to 17 and Michigan State comes in a 21. This was not an upset, it wasn't as close as the score. I would sooner think teams...
  10. husker70

    Winning the Axe, Jug, and Floyd in the same year

    It seem to be impossible, but in this 1967 video makes no mention except for the wins. Names that come to the for Sanders, Jenke, Boston, Wintermute, Carter, Forte to name just a few.
  11. husker70

    This is the best football staff

    Coach Fleck is effusive in his praise for the nutrition, strength and conditioning, he has pointed to Matt Simon, Mo Lindquist for their work. Of course Rob Smith and Kirk Ciarrocca. But I would point to two great additions he made. First Ed Warinner, If you want to run the ball their are few...
  12. husker70

    Row The Boat

    I have The American Experience as scheduled series. This past week it was The Boys of 36. The story of the University of Washington 8 man crew that won the 1936 Olympics. It is a documentary of the times, the talent, the trust, and teamwork that went into the win. I found it instructive as to...
  13. husker70

    Yho Committee

    Alabama is in they won the SEC Championship Washington is in they won the Pac 12 Championship If Clemson wins against Va Tech they are in as ACC Champions That leaves the Big 10 Championship Sorry Ohio State.
  14. husker70

    With The Bowl Season upon Us

    Who outside the top 5 would you hate to face?
  15. husker70

    Who did we play today?

    I was at a Church Cleanup day, running to pickup a couple chairs that were being repaired. Knowing this was a full day I set the game to be recorded. Playing it back, I thought we were playing Idaho. Since when are Illinois colors gray and green? Its the least teams can do is work with your...
  16. husker70

    After a Great Opening Weekend

    Big time programs matching up, obvious by their schedule Michigan, Ohio State were a no show. This week a further retreat by nearly every program. The game to my mind is Tennessee hosting Va Tech at Bristol Motor Speedway.
  17. husker70

    The Big 10 Network Classics

    What a joke. I recorded completely by accident a true classic on ESPNU. 2016 Michigan State at Michigan. Yes, that game, made it 7 of the last 8 since Mike Hart's little brother comment. We have seen most of the ways to kick a game away. But watching Michigan do it was priceless.
  18. husker70

    Will Bart Miller build the line from the inside out?

    He has Tyler Moore at Center. Will he flank him with Vincent Calhoun and Garrison Wright? Leaving the tackles to be determined? These three seem to meet his big, physical, and nasty requirements. Or does he slide Garrison to the right tackle, opening a guard position. This needs to be...
  19. husker70

    2017 Recruiting has now begun

    Looking who could make the top 5 1. Blaise Andries OT 6'6" 280 from Marshall, MN 2. Eric Aobjei OG 6'4" 310 Robbinsdale Cooper 3. Nico Bolden OLB 6'4" 190 Woodbury 4. Jermaine Johnson WDE 6' 5" 220 Eden Prairie 5. Eric Rousenmiller OC 6'4" Lakeville South

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