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  1. kix4kix

    B1G Basketball Previews 2023: Minnesota - Last ride for Ben Johnson?

    Yawn, I see 6 BIG wins, maybe. Fire the staff and start fresh before eoy imo
  2. kix4kix


    Whatever the spread is we will lose by more than that
  3. kix4kix

    BREAKING: Oregon & Washington joining Big Ten, becoming latest schools to leave Pac-12

    Lol, firing should be swift and painless, we now might grab a staff that can bring us back to mediocrity
  4. kix4kix

    Souhan: Predicting the future for Vikings, Gophers as football season begins

    Significant upgrade at QB imo, Morgan was not the player he used to be last year. I say we pick off one of the big boys this year.
  5. kix4kix

    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    Didn't know where else to put this. Saw this video on twitter with Carr working out for the Wizards, I would place a bet that he plays in the league next year. Too good not to catch on as an UDFA. Loved watching him play here. Wishing him luck.
  6. kix4kix

    Expectations for Cam Christie in yr 1?

    Hawkins will be our first BIG ten caliber PG since Carr left so I am optimistic, But he looks like a pretty short "5'11" and didn't play for a major so we will see.....
  7. kix4kix

    Eden Prairie Coach

    A lot of closet racists in here, hope the imbeciles realize you are telling on yourselves. Glad I missed this thread. I would have forgiven the coach when given the context but situation was untenable given the situation.
  8. kix4kix

    Expectations for Cam Christie in yr 1?

    Delusion is at an all time high in here, fun to watch!? This team? I bleed Gophers, an alum, from MN grew up watching the Clem era as a child, vividly remember the Quincy buzzer beater all that...but this regime has been embarrassing, laughing stock... I fully expect this Christie guy to be a...
  9. kix4kix

    The U on Pharrel Payne: He’s just getting started. 📈

    This kid is elite, the only bright spot on this team. Can't overstate his potential, better frame that Oturo even though Oturo came in more skilled. His play next year will tell me everything I need to know about Johnson's ability to coach. We already know he can't recruit.
  10. kix4kix

    Visit with Howard transfer G Elijah Hawkins

    No chance we get this guy if he's as good as people are saying
  11. kix4kix

    This roster is not bad IF.......

    I expect us to double our # of BIG ten wins next year so it's not all bad!
  12. kix4kix

    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    Imagine having 3 years to bring in a pg and still not having a starting caliber pg
  13. kix4kix


    I can see it now, 9 straight wins, final 4 appearance, Evan’s recommits, Ben gets brony James commitment and we become a blueblood until the end of time!!!!!!
  14. kix4kix

    Izzo Rightfully Frustrated With B1G For Not Rescheduling Guaranteed Win For MSU vs Minnesota

    BIG should agree to give them that W, there are little people walking around with better chances of making the NBA than us winning that game
  15. kix4kix

    Is It Realistic to Move On From Johnson This Year?

    Yes, and even I who has been a big critic of this regime and the overrated defense Thorson is praised for, I still think it SHOULDN'T happen, YET. I like Ben, don't know him well but happy a D grad got the gig, he always seemed like a nice guy and had a knack for coaching even when he was still...
  16. kix4kix

    Ben Johnson salary and NIL

    Lol, imagine working your ass of for years (Ben has been coaching for 20 years) By the grace of God (luck) you are able to get a head coaching position at a P5 school, are paid on the lower end (rightfully so but still) and then after all that asked to give up x% to get kids to go to your...
  17. kix4kix

    Gophers 5* signee receives $500K offer to switch to Louisville

    :cool03: This is a blessing in disguise, I don't care how good this kid was he wasn't elevating our program weighing all of 200 lbs soaking wet in the BIG. Shit, Payne would wreck this kid. If Ben isn't able to secure a starting PG between now and next season we don't have to fire him before...
  18. kix4kix

    Realistic expectations for 2023-24?

    Some people don't know what expectation means
  19. kix4kix

    Realistic expectations for 2023-24?

    We have to stop being "realistic" and start having a standard. When Fleck got here a lot of people laughed at his antics but he has raised the bar to where we are disappointed with 9 win seasons. Ben not having an actual BIG caliber pg is unacceptable. Not even in waiting do we have a viable...

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