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  1. FarmGopher

    Mizzou hires former HC Gary Pinkel as ambassador and fundraiser

    Does this reporting seem backward to anyone else? How do you report that it's a "shame" that the U isn't doing something, and then "5 mins" later report that they are? JUST FIND OUT ALL THE FACTS FIRST! If you're going to be a "reporter", stop using twitter to disseminate the first thing that...
  2. FarmGopher

    Cannon questions

    Two cannon related questions: 1. Where was the Cannon Man last game? It was kind of anticlimactic when we scored without it going off. 2. Did anyone else see the T-shirt gatling gun that Goldy was firing during the first quarter? That thing was insane. It shot 5 shirts in a row. I wanted to...
  3. FarmGopher

    My Big Ten Restaurant Sign

    Thought I'd share a couple pictures of the Big 10 Restaurant sign I recently acquired. This sign is from the location in Owatonna that closed about a year ago. It is really big, about 7 feet in diameter, and double-sided. It was quite an endeavor to get it home. All the neon is good except...
  4. FarmGopher

    Murray Warmath Day

    Happy Murray Warmath Day! Proclamation Link GO GOPHERS!
  5. FarmGopher

    Hockey and the Big Ten

    But how much less money would they make if the rest of college hockey wasn't there? Short term gain would not be worth the long term loss, in my mind.
  6. FarmGopher

    Hockey and the Big Ten

    A B1G hockey conference would be bad for college hockey. The landscape now helps keep more teams competitive, in both team quality and financially. Putting all of the B1G schools together would probably help them financially, but it would hurt the schools left in the discarded conferences...
  7. FarmGopher

    Football: 2 for MSU

    I have two extra seats in section 219 (right next to the student section) for sale for the MSU game. The seats are not together, but are approx. 8 feet apart. Or you can always slide into the student section and sit together. I'd like to get $40 each, but will take best offer. I can meet you...
  8. FarmGopher

    2 Singles for Air Force Game

    I have 2 seats in sec. 219 for sale for the Air Force Game. The seats are not together, but they are about 8 feet apart or 3 rows and 1 seat apart, so, close enough to say your going to get a hotdog. I can meet before the game at the stadium. I would prefer to sell them as a set, but could...
  9. FarmGopher

    Uh Oh...

    I just stopped by the new Goldy's Locker Room at TCF, and just as I was about to leave I heard a "HEY! NOOO!" I turned around to see a large moving van that had come to pick up the chairs from the Tribal Plaza ceremony today back right into one of the street lamps in the plaza. It knocked the...
  10. FarmGopher

    Better than a babysitter...

    Hey, I haven't seen this posted yet, but I could have missed it. The Bell Museum of Natural History is hosting a special "camp" for 6 to 12 year olds during all of the gopher football home games. See Here for details. Looks like a great way to get your kids out of the house, and learning...
  11. FarmGopher

    Stadium Website Updated

    I'm sorry if someone has posted this already, but has made some pretty interesting updates recently. The Multimedia section has new pictures and wallpapers (finally), and there is a new schedule/promotions section as well as a lot of new gameday information. Highlights...
  12. FarmGopher


    Just found a new photo album on the Gophersports website, and it looks amazing: Pictures mmm...Goal Line Pizza... GO GOPHERS!
  13. FarmGopher

    Conflicting Floor Reports

    I picked up a copy of the Daily today, and they had an article about the new floor in williams arena. (Second Part of the Acticle) Here's the interesting part: "Dale said the new floor will be much brighter than...
  14. FarmGopher

    What are they?

    Can someone tell me what the ugly black boxes are on the sides of the stadium between the county markers? I saw they today riding on the campus connector, but you can see them on the webcam 2. I think they're speakers or lights or something, whatever they are they looked really ugly. They...
  15. FarmGopher

    Now playing on a huge scoreboard near you...

    Golden Gopher Effects. I just saw it riding the bus back from St. Paul Campus, really cool in person. All of the scoreboards are running, it's really exciting.
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