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  1. Gopherjackrabbits

    What happened to this board?

    Most administrators of other sites that I frequent have clearly defined rules of behavior that you agree to when you sign up. If these rules are broken you get one warning, then ranging from one month suspension to outright banning. this site used to be interesting to read, now I rarely go to...
  2. Gopherjackrabbits

    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    I believe you did! The same crap from the same people talking about the same crap from the past!!! BORING!!
  3. Gopherjackrabbits

    Please STOP the coach bashing. It does NOT help anyone. I'm 100% fine with your opinion. Make it once and MOVE on.

    The only way to face lies/misinformation is by showing the truth! There is nowhere in what I said was there anything about banning someone I disagreed with. But you can read it again. then you follow up that lie with an insult to the college I graduated from just for the fun of it! so what did...
  4. Gopherjackrabbits

    Please STOP the coach bashing. It does NOT help anyone. I'm 100% fine with your opinion. Make it once and MOVE on.

    I love this idea! I think some of the long time users could volunteer to be in a group of people that would help the moderators keep this site cleaned up but differ in opinions and good exchanges without all the bickerring and name calling.
  5. Gopherjackrabbits

    Please STOP the coach bashing. It does NOT help anyone. I'm 100% fine with your opinion. Make it once and MOVE on.

    This entire post is why this website is becoMing non readable. If the people that run this website don’t do something to cleaning it up it becomes like MLB and no one reads it anymore. Apparently the minority are taking it over. NOTE how many likes a post gets and you know what the majority...
  6. Gopherjackrabbits

    Aaron Johnston

    SDSU beat the gophers badly last year on the way to the WNIT championship! I am also a gopher women’s BB fan and I imagine they could finish in the top four of the Summit most years.
  7. Gopherjackrabbits

    Coaches to Watch

    Bad gopher, did not mean any disrespect! I have lived in Minnesota for 45 years and I am a gopher fan! I imagine if Johnston would leave they would replace him with a female coach.
  8. Gopherjackrabbits

    Coaches to Watch

    I absolutely know that MN will not hire a male coach. This is part of the culture at the U that you have to hire coaches that are diverse, male/female, U graduates, etc…… Never go get the best coach. I do really like Ben and I think he will be a great coach! I will always be a fan of Whalen...
  9. Gopherjackrabbits

    Coaches to Watch

    Did anyone notice how diverse Iowa’s team looks? Don’t see anyone questioning their coach. To me it’s more related to where your recruiting area.
  10. Gopherjackrabbits

    USC and UCLA Planning to join BIG TEN.

    It needs to ALWAYS be called the BIG10 no matter how many schools! I like the addition and keep Williams Arena forever.
  11. Gopherjackrabbits

    Welcome new GopherHole members, please introduce yourself!

    72 grad of SDSU. Still a big supporter of jackrabbit sports. Beating the Bison is like beating Wisconsin! I became a gopher fan when I moved to Minnesota in the late 70s. My first gopher game in the barn was in the late 70s-early 80s and the gophers were ranked and playing the number 1 ranked...
  12. Gopherjackrabbits

    Make It Happen, Ben!

    Man, it’s over! Ben was hired! Get over it. these kind of insane discussions make this site unreadable!!!
  13. Gopherjackrabbits

    South Dakota State 27 - North Dakota State 17 BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    As an SDSU graduate we hated USD (like Wisconsin) the most and NDSU (like Iowa) as number 2. I was shocked by the football score but I guess they stopped and completed their schedule in the spring! SDSU recruits more Iowa and Nebraska. Go Jackrabbits!
  14. Gopherjackrabbits

    An apology

    It takes a bigger man to apologize for his mistakes! Thank you. i for one like the discussions without all the negativity and name calling to individuals. We can voice our opinion as much as we want about the subject!
  15. Gopherjackrabbits

    New Coaches

    Agreed. It’s hard to tell if they are sarcastic, racist, or making comments about the U being politically correct?
  16. Gopherjackrabbits

    Assistant Coaches

    Diversity NEEDS to happen. You can’t keep sayings that their is a more qualified white coach available. The only way we will get more black coaches in the college game is to offer them advancement to learn the profession. That is what I like about BJ that he has put in his time as an assistant...
  17. Gopherjackrabbits

    Nate Reuvers in Transfer Portal

    No way on either of Davison or Reuvers. I feel they both severely disrespected the gophers and the players the first couple years. I would not want someone that is a dirty player representing our team. They both picked their poison, LIVE WITH IT!
  18. Gopherjackrabbits

    Why all the disappointment?

    My first post. Long time reader. I graduated from SD State and moved to Minnesota in the late 70s. My first game I went to in the Barn was against a nationally ranked team. (I think Marquette). Sat in the third deck and felt the goose bumps and hair on my neck stand up. Most exciting game I have...

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