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  1. PhillyGopher

    How do you feel about the NC game?

    I even expect us to win games we aren't playing in. Anything less is abject failure.
  2. PhillyGopher

    Gophers open +6 at UNC

    You would, or you will?
  3. PhillyGopher

    Darius Taylor, welcome to RB1

    "He's (Zach) doing good, but this is all about competition. I don't make the depth charts. The players make the depth charts. I just pick who played best. Just because you did something one year, doesn't mean you're going to be there the next year. We keep adding talent, and then you got to go...
  4. PhillyGopher

    Floundering Wisconsin Fans in Turmoil -- Take to Social Media to Fire Coach

    I won't comment until I hear from Spaulding No!
  5. PhillyGopher

    Darius Taylor, welcome to RB1

    The only accurate part of this statement is that it is a guess.
  6. PhillyGopher

    Pick'ems Week 2

    Gophers Buffaloes Hawkeyes Ducks
  7. PhillyGopher

    Pick'ems Week 1

    Gophers Purdue North Carolina LSU
  8. PhillyGopher

    Pro Football Focus has Gophs in top 25, best in West

    methinks that if the order were different, you would embrace the message
  9. PhillyGopher

    Gophers #12 on 247 2024 Team Recruiting with 19 Guys

    I'm thinking that I would take the over (higher ranking) than 50 at the end of the day

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