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  1. Great Plains Gopher

    Gophers finish 9-3, tell me I’m wrong

    If the Gophers beat Michigan next Saturday it will be the biggest upset since Cal Stoll knocked off #1 Michigan in 1977, in a close game. Nebraska has an open road to a bowl, but it will be harder for us to win 6 or 7, unless Taylor gets completely well and other runners, like Zach, play more...
  2. Great Plains Gopher

    Gophers 2023 rushing yard leader will be...

    The portal is anarchy. Should go back to the discipline of the previous transfer rules.
  3. Great Plains Gopher

    Darius is Out

    If Taylor's out for the season that lends credence to the charge that PJ runs his backs into the ground. From today's game it's obvious that he could have rotated with Evans, with Bryce and Tyler getting some action, too. Look back over the past seven years how often our star running backs...
  4. Great Plains Gopher

    Z. Evans

    He led all rushers with 85 yards, 5.7 average, longest 18.
  5. Great Plains Gopher

    Expectations rest of season

    I'm thinking along the same lines - 6 wins for a bowl, but 7 would be a triumph. Taylor being hurt would change things for the worst, depending on how many games he misses.
  6. Great Plains Gopher

    Mel Tucker DID get fired. With cause.

    Notice, though, that women who use sex to get ahead - in business, entertainment, even government, are never accused of anything, never get the "Me Too" treatment, but enjoy their ill-gotten gains.
  7. Great Plains Gopher

    The headline in the Sunday newspaper will read?...

    Gophers Rebound Without Taylor.
  8. Great Plains Gopher

    Darius Taylor - Minnesota

    But it's an opinion, not a right. The Court has a long history of breaking up self-government, usually on behalf of a disgruntled individual or an unhappy group that is far from a majority.
  9. Great Plains Gopher

    Darius Taylor - Minnesota

    They DID make the decision, not Congress. Also, Congress generally ducks most of the tough issues: Roe, gay marriage, prayer in schools, to name a few. The issue was filed in federal court and went to SCOTUS eventually.
  10. Great Plains Gopher

    Will the Gophers finish the 2023 season ranked in the Top 25?

    6-6 at best, although beating Michigan, Iowa or Wisconsin would go a long way toward making up for the Mason Special with Northwestern.
  11. Great Plains Gopher

    Darius Taylor - Minnesota

    Approving NIL was one of the Court's bad decisions. SCOTUS doesn't have to be liberal to make bad judgments. They should have thought of all the ramifications: bribery, terrible unfairness, big-name programs having a huge advantage, pro-style buying and selling of players. Combined with the...
  12. Great Plains Gopher

    Darius Taylor Runs to Third Straight B1G Freshman of the Week Honor

    Big secret to keep from the Ragin' Cajuns - and the gamblers.
  13. Great Plains Gopher

    P.J. Fleck on Darius Taylor in OT - "The trainer pulled him out. We'll figure it out as we move forward."

    He's a true freshman, playing in high school last year (?). Don't run him so often.
  14. Great Plains Gopher

    Louisiana vs. Minnesota

    Having lived about ten years in both Minneapolis and New Orleans, Minneapolis is much safer than NOLA at any time since the 70s! Just a few years ago, Mpls-St. Paul were super safe, unlike almost all larger cities. Now you have to be more careful with downtown at night, especially when bars close.
  15. Great Plains Gopher

    Fire PJ immediately please

    Six of the top ten teams in polls this morning will be in the B18 next year. In seven years the Gophers have not able to get past Iowa and Wisconsin and win the West even once. How will they do with the four best Pac-12 teams joining Michigan, Ohio St and Penn St in the new conference? The...
  16. Great Plains Gopher

    After sleeping on it..

    In these classic collapses, the inability of the offense to make a first down when absolutely necessary is always an ingredient, but the pass defense was terrible, well down in the new B14 stats today. After four games a pattern is emerging. Coaching, personnel?
  17. Great Plains Gopher

    After sleeping on it..

    Love it! And it's true - I hope his wife didn't talk him into it.
  18. Great Plains Gopher

    After sleeping on it..

    Yup, it was on the D. The offense had good stats for both Athan and Taylor (who now leads the B14 in rushing. A key NW drive was kept alive by a face mask penalty (who was it?), which was on the D. And the D gave up 21 points in the last quarter, a classic collapse, and as often happens in such...

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