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    Isn't that redundant?
  2. LakevilleBro

    Louisiana vs. Minnesota

    I like Big Buds, and I cannot lie... Sorry, I could not help myself. :)
  3. LakevilleBro

    PJ is injuring his running backs and it has to stop

    There was a play, where Taylor had a long grueling run, and took a helmet to helmet hit, at the end of the run. (I think down at the 5 yard line). The very next play, they handed the ball to him again, for no gain. That was a wasted down, and the ball should have gone to anyone else, except...
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    All Things 2023 Minnesota Vikings In-Season Thread

    That was on Cousins, not to quickly rally the troops and down the ball. A veteran QB, cannot be that indecisive in that situation.
  5. LakevilleBro

    What is the number one change you'd make to the cuurrent program?

    I agree. I was referring to future recruiting options.
  6. LakevilleBro

    What is the number one change you'd make to the cuurrent program?

    No offense to AK, but get a QB who can run. It opens up so much more offense, when things break down on a play.
  7. LakevilleBro

    Twins win their opening playoff series regardless of the opponent?

    I'm happy to be playing anyone, other than the Yankees.
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    All Things 2023 Minnesota Vikings In-Season Thread

    1) With so many NFL teams looking bad today, NFL teams should reconsider how the pre-season games are played, with so many starters not playing pre-season games. 2) TB has some studs on defense. 3) The game today was a perfect "one game example" of Kirk Cousins career. He puts up good...
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    Game 1 takeaways

    1) We need a new kickoff returner, don't think we ever got past the 20 on a return. 2) We have to figure out our run game. 3) I noticed on 4th down, many of our defenders celebrated, and reluctantly (or did not) raise their fist to signal 4th down. Not a big deal, but that was different...
  10. LakevilleBro

    Recap the MN/NE game or your emotions in 1 sentence

    I felt like we lost, but we won.
  11. LakevilleBro

    Chip: Athan Kaliakmanis looks the part despite Gophers' growing pains

    No joke, I thought the exact same thing. Someone should put together a side-by-side video.
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    What word or picture pops in your head when you hear "Nebraska"?

    Same here. I just looked up the stats for that game. Nebraska had 52 rushes for 585 yards. 11.25 yards per rush. Really remarkable to think about that.
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    1st Sporting event you attended

    I lived in the Bay area, and my friend's Dad brought us to a Giants game at Candlestick Park. It was magical, seeing the field for the first time.
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    Banham elevated to Gophers assistant coach as Plitzuweit finalizes staff

    She will be a first-class addition to the Gopher program. Congrats.
  15. LakevilleBro

    Who is the GOAT of the NBA?

    I remember watching MJ play, and thinking that he could score anytime he wanted, and there was not much the opponent could do. Curry is the greatest shooter of all time, and the Wolves passed on him twice. That is painful to think about.
  16. LakevilleBro

    Baldy's meet the Gophers event

    I live in Lakeville (surprise!) and I only heard about this event on GH.

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