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  1. boofbonser

    Game 1 takeaways

    Completely agree. Bryce is a good 3rd down back, but I hope we get to see more Darius Taylor and/or Zach Evans against EMU.
  2. boofbonser

    Official 2024 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Seems like all signs point to Oregon. I would be surprised if the gophers took another RB in this class as they already have two committed.
  3. boofbonser

    Brett Carroll commits to the Gophers
  4. boofbonser

    Adam Kisaayi Commits to Gophers! (UPDATED 7/13: Adam De-Commits from Gophers)

    Really loading up on the DL in this class, love to see it.
  5. boofbonser

    DL Riley Sunram Commits!

    He plays both in highschool and was getting looks on both sides of the line. Burns mentioned he was with DeLattiboudere primarily for his visit so I think they will start him out on the dline.
  6. boofbonser


    Understandable. Hope he has a great career in the NFL. Guessing we will see Boe at center?
  7. boofbonser

    Irving to the end zone, can’t compete at MN

    The NCAA is toothless at this point. I think most people can agree the NIL and transfer portal need some guardrails, but it doesn’t seem like the NCAA can or will do anything.
  8. boofbonser

    Who was the UNLV linebacker
  9. boofbonser

    SEC Players in 2023 Portal

    I haven’t seen it mentioned if we have. A couple of them have already committed and I would guess a lot of them are looking for NIL money that we don’t have.
  10. boofbonser

    UNC OC and OL coach to Camp Randall

    A lot of UNC fans complained about him, specifically his red zone play calling.
  11. boofbonser

    Transfer Portal - Potential Targets

    Gotta think McNamara would have better options than Iowa.
  12. boofbonser

    Transfer Portal - Potential Targets

    I wonder if they might take a look at Martes Lewis inside. Heard he looked pretty good when competing with Carroll in camp. He definitely has the build to play guard if the coaches see it as a fit.
  13. boofbonser

    Transfer Portal - Potential Targets

    Guard I think. I believe Boe is coming back and would be the early favorite to win the starting center job, just a guess though.
  14. boofbonser

    Who is your Gopher MVP in HUGE win over wisconsin?

    Don’t know what a spank-ford is?

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