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    Gopher Sports: Kennedy Klick to Miss Season with Injury

    I think I read that she was doing very well in practice. Who will be our backup pg?
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    Braun Selected for US 3on3 Trials

    She hit a couple of big shots for 2 points.
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    2024 Recruiting

    There's a lot to like. Seems like a good fit for Coach P.
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    MN Daily: Gophers Go Global on Foreign Tour

    Has Nia Holloway been playing at all, or is she not ready yet?
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    MN Daily: Gophers Go Global on Foreign Tour

    That became obvious to me when I watched the Baylor South Dakota game.
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    MN Daily: Gophers Go Global on Foreign Tour

    Any results available? Score? Box score? It’d be nice to see what kind of minutes they got and how they performed. I know it doesn’t mean much at this stage, but I’m curious.
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    Gold Blooded Podcasts 2023-24

    Gigi’s in South Minneapolis has an excellent burger, although it’s been a while since I’ve been there.
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    2024 Recruiting

    Seems like a great fit for coach P’s style of play. Versatile and playing in the pole barn against her older brothers, I’m pretty sure she’s tough.
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    Braun Selected for US 3on3 Trials

    OT win vs China. Is anyone else completely confused by the format of this tournament?
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    Braun Selected for US 3on3 Trials The US vs Chile game starts around the 2:20 mark. She hit a bunch of threes (twos actually in 3x3) and made some good passes. If I understand the scoring correctly, FGs are 1 and 2 from behind the arch, so the long shots are considerably...
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    Braun Selected for US 3on3 Trials

    It’s a grueling schedule, they’re switching it up to give players a rest. She played in the second game and lit it up.
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    2023 F/C Ayinna Johnson commits to Gophers

    I’d be soooo bummed if I were a West Virginia fan.
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    Janay Sanders

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    Transfer Portal

    Miami is a very good school.
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    BIG TEN WBB 2023-24 Outlook and Overall Early Rankings

    I’m getting impatient to hear who’s coming in from the portal. It’s like musical chairs out there.
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    Transfer Portal

    I was thinking the same thing and this means the rich will get richer.
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    NCAA Tournament 2022-23

    I hope we get some big portal news soon so we can move on from this.
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    Transfer Portal

    That makes sense on one level, but Palo Alto vs Iowa City? A Stanford degree on the West Coast? Plus Stanford can probably come up with some NIL money themselves.
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    That was one of the most amazing plays I’ve ever seen. It was right in front of my seat. What a game.

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