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    Breaking out of the normal tOTB genres, but this song is fantastic.
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    All things funny

    No one listening to Taylor Swift is listening to CDs, grandpa.
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    1st Sporting event you attended

    Twins game at the Dome. Neighborhood dads took some neighborhood kids. I don't recall the opponent or date. I remember being in awe of the enormity of the place. The Twins won 1-0 on a mid-inning solo HR. When we got back, one of the dads said it was kind of a boring game, not a lot of...
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    What are your favorite music videos of all-time?

    Gwen Stefani barefoot in a sundress (no less sweaty on stage) was enough to put teenage Nokomis over the edge.
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    All things biking.

    Took a road trip with the kids to CO last week. Lots of driving through winding mountain passes with steep dropoffs and no guard rail. I was nervous driving it. And there were dudes biking it! How they can make it up those mountain passes, and still have the wherewithal to not fall off a...
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    Minneapolis area hiking

    Whitewater State Park is a short drive from the metro.
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    Sports parents strike again…

    Couple updates/frustrations from the wide world of youth sports. My daughter had an 11U softball tournament over the weekend. The coaches were getting heated and yelling at the ump, who was a teenage girl. At one point, the coach went over, put his hand on her shoulder, and spoke sternly to...
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    Movies that hold up vs. those that don't

    Watched The Goonies over the weekend with the kids. The kids liked it, but as a grown-up...oof... Did NOT hold up for me. It's like a 13 yo wrote it one afternoon, and Spielberg filmed it over the weekend. The acting is atrocious. The teenage romance stuff is forced and out of place. The...
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    90s music

    Cantaloop came on the radio. My kids didn't think it was the funkiest thing they'd ever heard like I did the first time I heard it (and still do).
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    1 big thing: State of craft brewing in Minnesota

    From left to right: Bad, Ted, Ogee, Noko, CRG, Frink, Ope, Ice
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    Sports parents strike again…

    My kids are in the sweet spot for youth sports -- not yet high school but old enough where it's not just chaos. We just do house rec leagues (not travelling competitive), and even those the parents and families are intense. The best I can describe these parents is "dweebs", knowing there are...
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    1 big thing: State of craft brewing in Minnesota

    Interesting that the dip came during the Covid years. I would've thought the opposite. Unless taprooms are really that much of a money maker. We'll see if 2023 is a bounce back year. Or maybe people are just drinking less. Dry January has caught on, and maybe people are realizing the health...
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    Favorite Song Lyrics - Out of Context

    The Hold Steady drip with local references. I like: Sweet St. Paul, that must be the hardest luck saint of them all.
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    Let the music play - new Concert Reviews/Experiences

    Agree on The Armory. It's perfect for 40-somethings who feel like they've aged out of First Ave. :LOL:
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    Let the music play - new Concert Reviews/Experiences

    Saw Rodrigo y Gabriela at The Fitz last night. Truly phenomenal and unlike anything I've ever experienced. If you get a chance to see them live, I HIGHLY recommend it. New favorite concert.
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    RandBall: Minnesota sports fans were ruined by Lou Holtz and David Ortiz

    Allister left for Stanford and Trachsel went to Ole Miss. So not just Holtz. ;)
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    RandBall: Minnesota sports fans were ruined by Lou Holtz and David Ortiz

    Fair enough. My point is that I don't think losing Ortiz weighs on the psyche of MN sports fans the same way losing Holtz or KG does. Losing Ortiz doesn't even register among my MN sports laments.

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