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    One extra Football ticket available!

    One extra ticket available for Louisiana game and Michigan game. Section 208 Row 30. Can transfer thru Gopher ticket exchange. Text me at 507-469-9027. Jim
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    Extra ticket for Eastern Michigan

    One extra ticket for Eastern Michigan for sale. $45 Section 208 row 30. Will transfer thru ticket master/gopher app. Text 507-469-9027. Jim
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    after further review i have 1 extra ticket to Nebraska game ..Level U Section 208. Can text me at 507-469-9027. Jim

    1 extra ticket to Nebraska game. Level U Section 208. Text me 507-469-9027
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    5 Tickets for football vs. Northwestern

    if you’re willing to split, I’d offer 200 for 3? Thanks for considering. jim
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    Nebraska tickets

    my cell is 507-469-9027. what t are you looking to get for the pair? thanks
  6. J

    Nebraska tickets

    Looking for 2 tickets for Nebraska game? jim
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    Looking for Gopher/Badger tickets for 4?

    I am looking for 4 Gopher/Badger tickets for sale? Thanks, jim

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