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    #3/2 Gophers vs. badgers

    Yeah, after the last football game, one of my Badger friends was reminding me that they are 23-5 vs us in football since 1995. I said yeah, but we've won 3 out of the last 5. Lol.
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    Washington possibly coming to the Big Ten and potentially adding hockey discussion!

    I know a few Husky fans, and they both think the Huskies are superior to most BIG teams in football. So, I'm hoping they come to the BIG and can be taught a lesson or two.
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    #3/2 Gophers vs. badgers

    Yeah, Granato is a dead man walking. It's almost like they don't care about the men's hockey program any longer. Their woman's hockey and volleyball teams are their new secondary sport focus.
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    #3/2 Gophers vs. badgers

    I assume they are going to fire Granato after this season. What a disaster for them, as they thought he was going to be able to bring them back to relevance. That once proud Badger program has really fallen on hard times. Maybe Mark Johnson will come over from the woman's

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