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    The Athletic's Chantel Jennings: The Outlook for Minnesota

    Don't think you need top 10 recruits to move to the upper tier in conference. That's what you need to be in the hunt for a Final Final. Granted the conference is strong but what you need is top 50 and top 100 players that develop to complete with the top tier teams in conference. Hawks do it...
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    2023-24 B1G Non-Conference Schedules

    Will be interesting to see how ticket sales go for that with the Hawks selling out for the season. Iowa also plays at ISU so that should also be close to a sellout. Cyclones have great attendance but not sellouts. ISU inflates the attendance with all sorts of special season ticket deals...
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    Braun Selected for US 3on3 Trials

    Thanks, it is confusing some. My Cyclones Ashley Joens played on the national team last summer with Lith and I was trying to figure out the U-this and U-that when I saw the news about Braun. Two summers in row that I found myself paying attention to 3x3!
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    Iowa 2023-24

    Just saw Iowa has sold out all of their home games. No single game ticket sales are planned. That's pretty impressive!
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    Coach P says Minnesota hasn’t had the resources to pursue players who are seeking $20,000, $40,000 or $75,000 NIL deals

    The fake values being assigned to NIL not remotely related to true value of the name, image and likeness is just pay to play. Going to be an era of bought teams if it isn't pretty much there already. The money the gals like Bueckers and Clark are making is pretty legit, they actually have the...
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    Transfer Portal

    Guessing Indiana. Pre-season Top 10. For her it's an inside track to the Final Four, ton-o-Adidas $$$, and she probably wants to mess with Clark as a bonus. Hell, with her, it might a lot about Clark. Between her dad and her they've been a self-promoting business since HS (IMHO). I'll just...
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    NCAA Tournament 2022-23

    HA, I'm a Cyclone alumni/fan and a Gopher fan so no friend of the Hawks but I absolutely love watching her. Her high risk high reward style does generate some turnovers but than you've got those threes and crazy sweet passes. Seen a lot of great players but few, or maybe none, this exciting...
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    2023 Recruiting

    Maybe not a need or fit for Gophers but Iowa State's starting guard Lexi Donarski has entered the portal. Three year starter and All-Big 12 first team last year and Defensive POY. Dropped to honorable mention and all-defense team this season but was a ESPN #14 and McDonald's All American out...
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    2023 Recruiting

    Lauren Ware leaving Arizona. Was a top ranked post/forward. Had Gopher's in her top five out of HS didn't she? Coach P will be very familiar with her, ND gal.
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    I believe the Gopher will be able to get a Medical Exemption, aka Medical Retirement, for her that allows them to keep her on scholarship while not counting her scholarship against the 15 scholarship limit for WBB. With her well documented medicals and brain surgery it should be an easy...
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    All Things Maddyn Greenway Recruitment Thread (Class of 2026, Gophers Offered)

    Big Ten rule at the time, yeah she had to pay tuition and all expenses. Remember her dad telling me it was all worth it since she was happy here.
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    2023 Recruiting

    True and both gals are from Wisconsin. Not sure how all of that fits in with Gopher signees but all of the incoming freshman should get their chance to decide what to do. Next year isn't going to be maybe what they signed up for and they should do what's best for them. I am sympathetic to...
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    Coach P Streak Continues, Gophers in NCAA Tournament Next Year?

    I am going with yes. No reason to not be optimistic. NIT or NCAA will probably depend on whether she can strike a portal hit or two. Big 12 pre-season poll (coaches selections) voted WVU as 8th in the 10 team league. She finished in a tie for 4th and made the NCAA's. Granted the league...
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    Dawn Plitzuweit Named New Gopher Head Coach!

    Saw on another board that she took her entire coaching staff with her from South Dakota to WVU. Assuming she brings them all with her to Minnesota the entire staff will be familiar with the area, not just the head coach. They can just pick up where they left off in 2022, no "get acquainted"...
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    Dawn Plitzuweit Named New Gopher Head Coach!

    Man, I have to give a tip of the hat the Gopher's marketing peeps. I am not an alumni, donor or season ticket holder, just an occasional ticket buyer and I still get emails like this. They REALLY do a good job reaching out to potential fans.
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    Dawn Plitzuweit Named New Gopher Head Coach!

    YES. Bigger and better, both league and school potential for WBB. I'd say no, not bigger or better for MBB. As a Cyclone alumni I am of course a Big 12 guy but Big Ten is a better WBB league, especially with OU and Texas leaving the Big 12, and she's a midwest roots and experienced coach...
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    Rose into the Portal

    Coincidently, "Mr. Portal" addressed this just yesterday. It's pretty rare, even rarer in P5 but he did give a couple of Big Ten examples. Well, actually the Big Ten had the only P5 examples.
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    Bruce Odson: Conversation is that Aaron Johnston will be Minnesota’s first choice if Lindsay Whalen does not turn the Gophers around next year.

    ^This. He's just a bitter old semi-retired man who mostly likes reminiscing about 1970-something. He could be right but he's just spitballing his opinion, no one has him on speed dial with hot tips and he ain't having lunch with anyone in the know that might talk to him.
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    Coaches to Watch

    Yeah, and she had the audacity this weekend to talk about how the Gopher job opening is a really good job. I still do not like her to this day. I agree it IS a good job for the right person but she should shut up about it.
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    Coaches to Watch

    ^ This. 100%.

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