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    Jamison Battle to enter the Transfer Portal

    Neither Battle or Cooper have any - 0 chance of making the NBA and most likely the G league. If they want to go to somewhere in Europe that would be a big accomplishment for anyone and that’s prolly where they will go
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    You sir, are ridiculous to compare Ben Johnson to Richard Pitino. I’ve been watching Gopher basketball since the Clem Haskins days and I promise you, the Pitino days were better than glen monson, tubby smith, and Ben Johnson. Not sure what y’all are asking for but it seems like insanity to me...
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    Ben Is the Coach - We Need Some Patience

    Man I am missing the days of Coffey, Murphy, Oturo, Mcbreyer, Lynch throwing down hard dunks. Mason hitting jumpers like nobody’s business. Every day the Gophers men’s basketball team took the court those years you knew it would be a bad day for the rim and a hard day for the opposition. Now...
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    All Things Mitch Leidner

    From what I remember, Phillip Nelson was a much better qb during Liedners first couple years but for some reason I don’t think Kill and him got along. Nelson was the star recruit out of high school and Leidner was the afterthought
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    I am very disappointed writing this as I’ve always been a Gopher basketball fan, but we are seeing the beginning of the bottom for men’s gophers basketball. i think the focus of the current admin (and most fans at this point) is now football and hockey. Pitino doesn’t look too bad now. He had...
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    Thank you Gophers Seniors

    Man, these Seniors will have a lot to be proud of. Beat Wisconsin 3 of the last 5 years. Won a bunch of games. Cheers!
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    What grade would you give Athan Kaliakmanis in his first Axe game?

    Stop it. We are all happy the AK finally broke out as a playmaker. Don’t say you guaranteed that coming into the game. Next couple years with AK at the helm will be fun!
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    PJ Fleck Appreciation Thread

    PJ Fleck is the best Head Football Coach for the Minnesota Gophers since…any head coach ever. You look at Bierman as the last time a coach that has had a better winning percentage and that was about 80 years ago. He has recruited, coached, and built a continual conference championship...
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    Mohamed Ibrahim

    Every time Mo runs this year, he is pushing though the hurt. Limping most of the time, I would take Mo’s 75% over any other back this year
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    Mohamed Ibrahim

    I don’t feel like Mo is getting the props he deserves. We should be thanking Jesus that he is a Gopher. He could have easily transferred after his stellar Redshirt Freshman year and then being the backup to Rodney Smith. This man is a beast and this type of talent is 1 in a million. To the...
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    Athan Kaliakmanis struggles?

    It is. We will see after the Iowa and Wisconsin game if this is fact. What is fact is that TM has gone 2-2 vs Wisconsin. Better than any other qb in the last 25-30 years or so. got to start the 6th year Senior with the most QB wins in the Gophers history
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    Athan Kaliakmanis struggles?

    That’s just this years stats, career wise it’s better than that. TM makes them a better offensive team this year. AK has done decent, but not quite ready yet
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    Athan Kaliakmanis struggles?

    TM Stats this year. 2022 SEASON STATS YDS 1,324 TD 7 INT 5 QBR 60.3 AK Stats this year. 2022 SEASON STATS YDS 396 TD 1 INT 3 QBR 50.7
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    Winning the west

    That could have been because before that game Wisky won like 15 straight and the Gophs were around .500 in the BIG again in 2018 (I didn’t look up the actual record) Now it’s again an intense rivalry no matter the record of any team. It will be nuts IMO
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    SOUND OFF!! Post-Game Thread: Gophers Crush Northwestern, Improve to 7-3.

    After watching the game today, it’s clear that Morgan needs to start the Iowa and Wisconsin games. 6th year Senior and has been in that environment many times before. AK might start the bowl game, depending on how the next 2 go. He’s got really good reps this year as a Freshman already.
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    All Things 2022 Gophers in NFL Thread

    Faalele is looking good at LT. His size really stands out even in the NFL. Technique us improved as well

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