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    What is the State of the Big Ten After Week One?

    Welcome back Wren! I always enjoyed your posts!
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    Maybe your favorite Ga. Southern fan / Maybe not! Wishing the Mighty Gophers well in 2023!!!

    GSU - Thanks for stopping by. Please continue to post - I always look forward to reading what you post. As the other poster said you are one of us. You are always welcome here. Good luck with health problems.
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    Golden Gopher Fund Suite Invitation

    I have a score of 2000 meaning in the top 2000 "group" for loyalty awards including the suite seats. It is more than donations however, I have had season tickets for 37 (I think) years and that counts for a lot. I do donate but I am not a big hitter. For many years I had 2 tickets on the 50...
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    Northwestern Roadtrip

    Northwestern will play one game at Wrigley this fall and 6 games, including the Gophers, at Ryan field
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    Fall Practice Dates?

    Does anyone know when fall practice starts? I couldn't find any mention of it on the Gopher Sports website. Also, does anyone know when the open practices will be and/or a fall scrimmage? When the spring game was moved inside, coach Fleck said there would be something in the fall for the...
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    The Gophers Will Win the West

    I think this would make a good poll question. I don't know how to make one and I am not even sure they can be done anymore. If you know how to make a poll, I will buy you a beer if the majority of people agree with you. You buy me a beer if I am right.
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    The Gophers Will Win the West

    Gosh, I was surprised to learn OSU had six players drafted in this years draft. I was expecting 20 or even 30 being drafted - maybe even some third stringers! :) By the way, the Gophers had 4 players drafted - maybe the talent gap isn't as big as it was during the Gutekunst or Mason eras -...
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    The Gophers Will Win the West

    hungan1 is right on. I don't get the awe that OSU, UM and Iowa are held in. Two years ago we were ahead of OSU at half time. If Moe had not been injured we had a good chance of winning. Last year we would have beaten Iowa if not for an unfortunate fumble. Yes, these opponents are good teams...
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    The Gophers Will Win the West

    I have been a gopher season-ticket holder for 38 years. This is the most talented group of receivers I have ever seen. We have had some terrific individual receivers - Eric Decker, and Max Williams come to mind just off the top of my head - but considering the receivers as a group, this is the...
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    Spring Camp Press Conference

    I think they announced 2 open practices and 1 on April 11 open to the press.
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    Dylan Wright no longer with team

    We don't know why he left the team. Could be depression, could be grades, could be drugs, could be... fill in the blank. He has had some bumps in the road in his life so let's cut the kid some slack. All we know is he was somewhat inconsistent in his play. That could be for any number of...
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    Lou Holtz at Minnesota - 1984-1985

    I knew a couple of players at the time. If Holtz didn't think you could contribute you were just a piece of meat and he would try to get rid of you. Dave Huffman (sp?) who played at ND (Daves claim to fame was, he was drafted ahead of team mate Joe Montana) and whose younger brother played at...
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    What does "play to win" look like in a game - how is it different than "playing not to lose?"

    I need a little help understanding something. What does the phrase "play to win" look like? The phrase comes has come up fairly often this year in relation to Fleck's game strategies. Fleck should "play to win" and not "play to not lose". It seems to me that of, course, Fleck plays to win...
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    PJ Fleck and his 2-minute offense

    If you were watching Rutgers defense, they had 6 guys playing back at the safety level in the last series. Does anyone think it is a good idea to pass against that defense, risk an interception and give Rutgers a short field? Or, as UNK notes above, Mo has a better chance to hit a long run...
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    We've stagnated. Tough conversation below

    Don't forget about Urban Mayer
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    PJ Fleck has become Jerry Kill

    I think PJ should PLAY TO WIN - Have your freshman QB start throwing the ball from the very first snap - If AK has to "eased" into his first start in front of 103,000 screaming fans then PJ has picked the wrong guy. If AK had been PLAYING TO WIN he would have thrown for a million, billion miles...
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    Post Game Thread: Gophers lose to Illinois

    This. Until the line learns to block blitzes and stunts we are going to have a "bad" offense. It worked for Purdue and Illinois and it will work for everyone else until Ciarocca's figures it out. I don't thing the D was that bad - I think they were on the field for 80 plays against a very hot QB
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    What to do with Tanner Morgan

    This O line does not handle blitzes and stunts very well. See Bowling Green and Ill last year and Purdue and Ill this year. Hard to win if you can't give the QB a little time.
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    3 game losing streak

    Season tickets for 37 years and, yes, this is the best program I have seen.
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    My theory on the loss to Purdue

    It was Homecoming. Some/many of the players had buddies, who had graduated, come back to campus. The players got together with their buddies and perhaps had a beer or two, then some more buddies showed up and it called for another beer/shot or two. Then, before they knew it - it was late -...

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