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    Describe the Gophers loss to Northwestern in one sentence

    Is it Women's Basketball Season Yet?
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    Fleck: "Completely unacceptable in the fourth quarter, period. We got to give Northwestern a lot of credit. They went out there and got it done."

    2 words "Horse @#$%" - That response was an easy answer. No accountability there at all. How about finally fixing the damn problems.
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    Tanner Morgan, Mariano Sori-Marin return to Gophers as volunteer analysts

    Part of me would like to see some separation from Tanner and the program. AK needs to grow on his own based on strong coaching from the staff we hired.
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    Facility issue?

    Does the band practice in there? As a school administrator DO NOT mess with marching band practice (although I heard a band director got tazed in Alabama the other day for not stopping when the cops told him to).
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    Pump the brakes boys: We transformed our entire offensive identity while adding new coaching and turning over our roster. Hiccups are bound to happen.

    Agree with the initial comment completely. I do believe that AK has to be held to a higher standard than when ML was here though. Time to quit babying him and allow him to make plays and mistakes. It would be nice if we gave him something quick or a high percetage throw once in awhile.
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    What is the number one change you'd make to the cuurrent program?

    Heard the comment made yesterday that the football team wasnt able to practice indoors during parts of the week. I don't know any of the logistics behind that and don't want to mispeak myself - BUT - It's football season. Prioritize who gets access to the indoor facility when needed.
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    Describe the Gophers loss to Tar Heels in 1 sentence.

    The better team won today and...... WTF was Kramer even remotely thinking about passing?
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    Darius Taylor

    Now the question.... Because we've been burned by this before... Will be able to convince him to stay?
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    Postgame Thread: Gophers Lose to North Carolina

    Need to coach play with more of a sense of urgency. Play like a team that is still trying to figure out its identity.
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    What grade would you give Gophers coaching in loss to UNC?

    Listening to PJ's post-game show. Players still have to make plays. They did - we didn't. AK went 11/29 with many drops and little accuracy. That's not coaching guys. There have been times when PJ has said "thats on me" and it was a complete cop out answer. Today, he was a lot more realistic -...
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    Anonymous Players and Staff make unsubstantiated allegations

    There is a perception vs. reality issue here. Are good coaches supposed to go easy on their players? Good Coaches lift programs from good to potentially great. Jerry Kill did that. PJ Fleck did that. Players are expected to do things a certain way. Why - to learn routines that will help them be...
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    Anonymous Players and Staff make unsubstantiated allegations

    Should we have a contest to see who next week's coach in the crosshairs is? Non-story, but the Northwestern stuff will probably sput a witch hunt of coaches. Some may be justified.
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    How good of a runner is Athan?

    To be fair, I'm not sure Tanner could outrun Bernie Kosar, so lets say that there is the potential for AK on designed runs once in awhile.
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    Deion Sanders’ roster redo at Colorado could change college football

    Got it - But still sets up the opportunity for the school to jetison anybody who doesnt come in and perform right away. Not all recruits can do that, and will they honor those scholarships also? To me, this can be done once only, and still is a bad optic.
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    Deion Sanders’ roster redo at Colorado could change college football

    Certainly a lot easier for Football. Have no idea what they are doing with basketball.... Throw paint at the wall and hope it sticks mentality....
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    Deion Sanders’ roster redo at Colorado could change college football

    1. Prime will apply for Florida State the nano-second it comes open.... 2. Not a fan of this (call me a traditionalist) - students were recruited previously to play football, which also provided those students the opportunity to get an education - the real reason they needed to be in school...
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    B1G Offensive Power Ratings

    A full year of AK will make all the difference one way or the other. Everybody is locked into Tanner mode and don't have a full year's of games to expect any differently. The offense cant evolve with another year of Tanner mode in a different, more athletic QB. This should be higher at the end...
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    Northwestern Fires Pat Fitzgerald

    Call me crazy but..... 1. Whomever they bring in HAS to have a history of running a clean program.... 2. I could see them going for former Navy coach Ken N, Paul Johnson (if he wants to come out of retirement) or Jer. Discipline, spread the field, and attack with limited, brainy athletes (ok -...
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    Gophs in 10 least aggressive on 4th down

    After 2019, coaches trusted Tanner less and less with throwing it. Going back with the original topic, if it were anything over 4th and 1, you either have to throw or potentially put Tanner on the move - not his forte. Reading the stats, I dont think we can be surprised. It's a sign of the lack...

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