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    2023-24 B1G Non-Conference Schedules

    Penn State ousted this team in the first round of BIG tourney last year. We should win this year with a new captain at the helm.
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    Transfer Portal

    Minnesota has the most P5 uncommitted transfer players (3) still available in the TP. Counts, Oberg, and Hammond.
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    Gopher WBB 2023-2024

    umm..ya know..ummm. yea
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    2024 Recruiting

    The top AAU teams this year and last year have been from IA and WI. We finally have a coach now that will be able to recruit some players from those teams, especially the top EYBL teams. No longer just recruiting the Fury, MS, and NT teams.
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    2024 Recruiting

    Sayin it for the past several years, short guards (less than 5'9") have a tough time in the big conferences. Liability on defense - taller guards post them and score with ease, lots of turnovers, shots are blocked, don't have the wingspan for defensive schemes and traps, etc.. Look at the Gopher...
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    Rose into the Portal

    Micheaux should be a strong add for the Hokies next season. However, Coach Brooks played a 5 person rotation this past season and rarely played BIG10 star Ashley Owusu in his lineup. She has the physical attributes to play in the ACC, hopeful the VT coaching staff can coach her up a notch in...
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    NCAA Tournament 2022-23

    Like it or not, Caitlin Clark is the new face of women's basketball. She is the main reason for the increased popularity in women's basketball. Much more than any other player.
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    NCAA Tournament 2022-23

    Reese is just jealous of Clark's media success. Reese will never see a fraction of the endorsement money that Clark will get. Clark did the correct thing to not engage.
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    Grace Grocholski Commits to Gophers!

    Sconiers and Strande would have been impact players on Minnesota if Whalen would have played them. Strande is the fifth highest scorer in WI high school history and she shot 43% 3PT this season at Butler. Sconiers led Delaware this season in scoring at 12.6 PPG.
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    Jeff Walz on the Women's Game

    Iowa has way more talent, and a much deeper bench than Louisville. Iowa's backup forwards Stuelke, Ediger, O'Grady, Goodman would have all been starters at Minnesota and performed extremely well. However, they probably wouldn't have played for Whalen since they were from IA and MI.
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    NCAA Tournament 2022-23

    3 pointer with about 2:00 minutes to go to put Miami up 5. Scalia went under the screen (when she should have gone over) and that gave Cavinder the clean look to knock it down. Exciting game. Miami executed their game plan on the Hoosiers.
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    Dawn Plitzuweit Named New Gopher Head Coach!

    She will sit them on the bench when they turn the ball over, and probably bring in a veteran guard or two to run the show. Plitzuweit is a very good coach. The players will finally learn proper defense and learn an offense with motion (versus predictable sets). She will need to get a few players...
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    Some good news on the Gopher WBB front

    The new coach will decide who is back. With a coach change, player scholarships are only renewed if the new coach wants to renew them. Most coaches transfer a few players from their current team to help set the culture or recruit player to fit their system in order kick start the program.
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    Coaches to Watch

    Banhem will need to look for another Director of Quality Control job.
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    Coaches to Watch

    All of the coaches mentioned, will bring their own coaching staffs. Plus, IMO their will be only 4-5 players on the current roster that they would retain. All the walk-ons and second-tier Minnesota players will be jettisoned immediately. Some coaches will try to transfer key players from their...
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    Scoggins: Give Whalen One More Year

    Every year, it's wait another year. Let's face reality and move on. Hire a real coach. Look at Brenda Frese, Maryland had big time transfers out after last season. She was able to steady the ship, got key players to come to Maryland, and (shocker) they are #5 in the country this year. She...
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    STrib: Whalen promises good things are coming; Freshmen insist they're not leaving

    "We're here. We're not going to leave. We're going to change it. We're going to do what we said.'' Good luck with that. Pretending things are going to change failed year after failed year is not the answer. It's time to hire an experienced coach. We will be back here again next year.. just like...
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    Monday NCAA NET Rankings 2022-23

    Gopher WBB 10 wins this season versus NET rankings 296 Western Illinois 197 Lehigh 323 Presbyterian 358 Chicago State 228 Milwaukee 202 Eastern Illinois 111 Liberty 89 Penn State 89 Penn State 43 Nebraska Losses to 120 Wisconsin (2X), 124 Northwestern, and 159 Rutgers.
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    Coaches to Watch

    old video clip from his 2011-12 season at Michigan. His last season at Michigan, where Borseth was 20-12 and took the Wolverines to the NCAA tourney. UW-Green Bay is currently 21-4 and will make the NCAA tourney this year.
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    Coaches to Watch

    Just a few suggestions, and not being gender bias Megan Duffy - Marquette Lisa Fortier - Gonzaga Aaron Johnston - South Dakota State Kristen Gillespie- Illinois State Carolyn Kieger - Penn State (Roseville, MN) Carla Berube- Princeton Lisa Stockton - Tulane Kevin Borseth - UW-Green Bay

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