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    Gambling Corner, Week 4

    Same boat last weekend on both Clemson and App State, both those dogs choked away upsets. BYU pooped to bed against Kansas for an 0-3 Saturday betting all plausible dogs.
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    All Things DinkyTown Athletes

    I like the split pot raffle idea, I just don't know how the prizes could or would work between DTA and winners. I know people that have worked in charitable gambling but not comfortable enough WCG to have all insight if your idea is feasible. Don't think you could do a 50/50 cash split without...
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    All Things DinkyTown Athletes

    50/50 split pot raffles have to have some charitable purpose and benefit a 501.3 C charity with a license to sell from the MN Gambling Control board. I like the idea but I don't think NIL would qualify. Might work if some of the prizes where signed memorabilia items like footballs, or such...
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    The headline in the Sunday newspaper will read?...

    Adam Thielen and Panthers play Vikings in match up of two 0-3 teams.
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    Fleck is fired up on KFAN

    we need a powerball winner really bad. That's about only way someone has enough money to waste on NIL. I dont like those odds.
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    Once a Gopher, always a Gopher! Happy Homecoming, Gophers! (Video)

    Except he Green graduated from the U. Played a lot of football here. I think he took a shot at Houston to pursue NFL career, most of the guys he came in with had left by then.
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    Predict the Score Thread: Week 5 - Louisiana at Minnesota

    MN 34 LA 31. Hoping for a win. That team has an offense that can score so they will put up some points and be a challenge for Gophers.
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    What's the story on Zach Evans?

    Coach Fleck said players make the depth chart by performance in practice and in games. This must mean Evans hasn't been blocking well or bot picking up blitzes in practice. Being Evans hasn't played he must not be making plays.
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    Craig McDonald

    Thank you NCAA. Having McDonald out on the field with his experience will help the Gophers. This is much welcome news.
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    Year 7, one of the most pathetic losses in my 45 years.

    I haven't thought of Claeys in years and would not replace current staff. Claey's dresses like a slob and would have been detriment to recruiting. He was not the right head coach. He could design and call a good defense at times, play to his teams strength.
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    Louisiana vs. Minnesota

    What's with the jokes man, that's a LGBT centric, and focused bar. Not all football fans would be comfortable there. They do have cheap drinks if your with female companion.
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    Louisiana vs. Minnesota

    You will like service and experience at Indigo better than Holiday Inn Express. Stayed there twice for weddings, nice place.
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    I vote S as in the coaches and players collectively S'ed the bed. Football is a 4 quarter game and they lost focus and instinct to finish the opponent.
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    A picture says a 1,000 words...

    Last night Gophers fans be like we clearly S to bed against Northwestern. You score 31 points in regulation, and lead by 21 you should win football games. That is a program if your a competive athlete you should want to beat. Disrespecting the opponent and the game of football should not...
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    What grade would you give Athan Kaliakmanis in his return to his home state for the NW game?

    I'm in agreement with this. Something has clearly changed in coaching QB's and it is not for the betterment of the student athlete. Harbaugh needs to pull his head out of his are.
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    What grade would you give Athan Kaliakmanis in his return to his home state for the NW game?

    What is with Kaliakmanis lack of poise in the pocket and indecisiveness in the heat of the moment. If there was one thing I thought about him is he would remain a confident kid and not lose his S under duress. One thing that has really bothered me this season is his wildness with his feet and...
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    Year 7, one of the most pathetic losses in my 45 years.

    This isn't a knock on the current staff but the obese introvert Claeys knew how to coach, game plan and call a defense. It is likely no coach would hire him because being obese when trying to recruit and coach football players is not an asset or healthy. Can't have your football coaches dressing...
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    On the plus side, UNC fans are the nicest ever

    I imagine the reallignment and conference scheduling and the new TV agreement will dictate the home opener date and time is still TBA, but we have opened on a Thursday night for has to be close to 15 years now. I think every home opener at the TCF/ now Huntington Bank stadium has been a Thursday...
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    AK... Do I have this correct?

    Yep, ALL of this. He needs to keep playing and gain more experience.

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