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    I want to see Cole Kramer

    Run it every down and you win. Sean couldn’t touch the ball twice? Lost to an inferior team.
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    Mack Brown considering playing ineligible receiver Tez Walker

    Nullification of game/games has happened in the past.
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    All Things Gophers at North Carolina Road Game Thread (Tips for Flights, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Game Tickets & More)

    We are golfing at the Preserve Jordan Lake on Friday during the two first 2 pm tee times if anyone want to join. Have a couple of spots open in each. If you haven't already booked feel free to join. Looks like a nice course, wide open tee times and reasonably priced. Thursday- Golfing...
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    Is this a mini trap game for the Gophers?

    Impressive last year. However; They beat Howard at home by 10 with two kickoff returns. Kesich will boot them out of the end zone as the coaching staff won’t mess around with the high kicks This should be a route.
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    Some Gophers News from Charley Walters

    Pretty sure that happens everywhere. Look at the Vegas Raiders. Obviously being in a pro sports town there are more scalpers they just gone from in person to selling on secondary market.
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    UNC Tickets Arrived

    Section 100. 5 seats in Jj and few more in KK
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    2:30 PM Game Time for North Carolina - Minnesota

    Simple solution..go to game. I have Spectrum too. Do you think we will get a refund until there is an agreement?
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    Parking for Nebraska Game

    We tailgating or going to a brewery?
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    Possible hurricane game vs UNC

    So 281 yards it is. I’m not very good but would like to at least have decent weather for golf as we all know Drake Maye can’t throw in a hurricane against Rossi’s defense.
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    Possible hurricane game vs UNC

    How does this impact our tee times Thursday and Friday?
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    Craig McDonald

    Correct. No need to play 3 teams in 3 years.
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    Jeff Sims have two years eligibility

    I don’t want to face him next year with actual weapons in Lincoln.
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    Jeff Sims have two years eligibility

    Nebraska doesn’t have any playmakers at running back, receiver or tight end. Sims is their entire offense.
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    Which Alums Were There

    I’m not sure about sideline but Kamal Martin was at the game yesterday.
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    Tailgating Enforcement?

    Lot 37 is pretty much empty today. Not sure about other lots. That Go Bid Red chant will be annoying today. Anyways get after Sims and beat Nebraska!
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    Tailgating Enforcement?

    Agreed. If tailgating starts at 2. Make sure they are gone by 1 (noon is better and let them take a half day. It shouldn't be that hard for the University to pretend its a big time football program.

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