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    CBS: Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh says Wolverines are 'as close as you can possibly be' to national title

    I used to like him when he was at Stanford and San Fran. I would have bet when he started that they would have won a B10 championship by now and been in national championship playoffs, let alone beat OSU once!! I wonder how many ore opportunities he'll be given
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    Perception to black recruits and their families

    He never fails to meet expectations IMO and most of the time greatly exceeds them (y). We are fortunate and blessed we are to have him as our coach.
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    Sid: Cody Lindenberg ready?

    Or Blake Cashman 2.0
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    Transfer list possibilities, Spring 2020

    Top 100 recruit. Seems the sky is the limit to him.
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    Austin Barber Commits!

    I respect the effort - more chuckles are always needed in life, especially now (y)
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    Who— leidner or Morgan as your QB ?

    Crackin the brews a little early this weekend, huh :drink:? Georgia Tech and Colorado split the 1990 college football championship (link below); Tech certainly was never considered a helmet school (in my lifetime), hence the "non-helmet school" comment. I probably could have included Colorado...
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    Isiah Washington to Transfer Again

    Yup - glorified Gus Macker star
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    Charch advocates one & done nba playoffs

    This would be great and i'd watch as many as I could.
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    All Things COVID-19 College Football Impact

    Which studies published by what medical journals or academic hospitals? Were these studies per reviewed as well? You have an apropos nickname BTW and I never knew you were a Gopher fan -
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    All Things COVID-19 College Football Impact

    The medical term for this is proning and was discovered as a treatment option by a physician in The Bronx.
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    All Things COVID-19 College Football Impact

    Methinks Gus has been enjoying too much of his state's fine Shine at this point:drink:
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    Sam Renner Appreciation

    That's a helluva career.

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