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    Formula used by @finder_goat to determine the greatest College Football Programs of All-Time… (11. Minnesota)

    Just about every poster disputing us at 11 is a hogeye or Vadger fan!! So predictable..they obviously have a complex…or don’t understand what the word historical means!
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    I don’t blame Ben…

    I might lose out on the next superstar coach, but Minnesota should never have to hire an assistant. I want someone that has been in charge of the whole show. Even from a much smaller school there is no way to simulate that experience. I’m not saying Minnesota is a great job at the moment but the...
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    Coyle should be ashamed….

    100% that story would never have been written in Madison or Iowa City.
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    Coyle should be ashamed….

    Of the state of our basketball programs. It’s completely disgraceful how bad we are given the deep talent in this state. What in the hell is going on? Clearly people have not put enough heat on his office or we just don’t care…
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    Whalen needs to go, good grief!!!

    You are delusional…stay off the hooka pipe
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    Whalen needs to go, good grief!!!

    I really enjoy gopher women’s basketball. That run with Whalen and Co. was so fun, but you guys are distracted by her name. No way would any of you accept the product we are seeing if it wasn’t Lindsey Whalen.
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    Whalen needs to go, good grief!!!

    I trust my eyes…they play horrible defense, seem confused, and do not hustle. That is all coaching. Lindsey was a blast to watch but the coaching she’s done since she started has been lackluster to say the least. Good, local, players do not transfer if they sense good coaching. We will agree to...
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    Lindsay Whalen receives one year contract extension

    She has got to be fired. Has had plenty of time to get it figured out. Total embarrassment
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    Whalen needs to go, good grief!!!

    This experiment has failed miserably. I know the team is young but they play such undisciplined basketball.
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    All Things 2024 Daniel Freitag Recruitment Thread (Gophers Have Offered)

    Exactly….I can live with any Minnesota kid going to any school except for Madison or Iowa.
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    All Things 2024 Daniel Freitag Recruitment Thread (Gophers Have Offered)

    Why are we not following this kid 24/7?? Yes I know there are other threads. He must have told our coaches to back off?? Any updates?
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    Athan Time! Greek Freak baby!! Let’s go!

    It’s time for the new era to begin! Classiest player in program history=Tanner Morgan, but it’s time to turn the keys over.
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    All Things Nolan Winter Recruitment Thread (Class of 2023, Gophers Offered, Son of Trevor)

    I’ve heard the mom is a piece of work. Yes, we want Nolan, but this is far from a devastating blow. More in terms of perception than actual program changing talent. You shouldn’t have to convince a local kid to play here. If his heart isn’t in it, then f$&& off, in my opinion. Next…

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