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    Logo Brands, University of Minnesota Ink Exclusive Licensing Deal

    The white frame 9x9 tents are terrible. The Coleman 10x10 (purchased from Costco) is vastly superior and would highly recommend. My group has three of them. However, it was 'manufactured' by a different brand this year (potentially Rawlings?). Not sure if it was the same quality as previous years.
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    Tailgate lots on Saturday

    According to my sources (the guy who emailed me back on behalf of "Director Coyle"). They are "currently working with the university and parking and transportation and will be coming out with new information shortly. Please stay tuned". I would guess there is a good chance the lots open early.
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    Gopher Tailgate Bar

    Last tailgating season, I ran into a fellow tailgater down at Northwestern who had this bar. It looked cool and so we ordered one for my fathers birthday. Unfortunately, it appears they no longer offer the Gopher style. However, we purchased ours less than a month ago so it may just be back...
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    This dude has the Gophers in the Outback Bowl... at 8-4 I didn't see if anyone posted this, but an eastern Iowa newspaper has the Gophers in the Outback Bowl vs. LSU, even if they lose out. I don't know what this guy is smoking, but whatever it is, I want some.

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