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    College Sports Top 50 Donors According to USA Today💰(48. Minnesota)

    Awesome but I didn't see them on the top 50 list.
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    Lane Kiffin says state of college football is 'a disaster'

    Here's the thing with the SEC coaches they love to complain. Now that every one is on a even playing field life is great for the rest of the country. lol.
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    Northwestern Fires Pat Fitzgerald

    When was the last time a coach changed jobs within the Big Ten football conference?
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    Northwestern Fires Pat Fitzgerald

    There will be a negotiation coming. Bank on it.
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    PJ Fleck now is the second most tenured coach in the Big Ten West.

    Agreed, but I don't believe Minnesota will ever be competing for BIG Championships. It's why I just enjoy cheering them on and supporting the university.
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    Sports illustrated drops a bomb on NIL

    That ship has sailed.
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    USC AD resigns

    It's not when the average temp is 70 degrees every single day.
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    New Clock Rule Passed

    IMO, they are changing this rule to make sure games are not four hours long. I'm sorry football games should not last longer than three hours. Kids today would rather play video games then sit through all the commercials.
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    Joan Gabel has been named 19th chancellor of the of the University of Pittsburgh.

    I see you were not a history or political science major.
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    Radio Network Contract Extended

    Not me. I'm at the games supporting the university. ha.
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    Are We Headed Towards 4 Conferences?

    Schools don't look out for each other. Just look at the old WCHA. Poof.
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    Georgia's yearly college football recruiting spending reached $4.5 million, one-third more than any other school

    If I'm the USFL I change my hold business model and start drafting high school elite football players at their 16th birthday and age out 20 years old developing them for the NFL. Then ask for training compensation like the CHL and the NHL have.
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    Want to buy Bruce Smith's Heisman Trophy? It'll cost you.

    Buy it and donate the trophy back to the U.
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    Chris Streveler

    Wow, it's the off season.
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    16 of the last 17 college football national champions have come from inside this red oval.

    I have come to the realization (lol) this red oval's pro football is their local university's football team. There are 1 maybe 2 NFL franchises in this area if by chance the NFL expanded into a second division like a European association football club then this part of the country wouldn't...
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    Iowa top instate recruit, 5 star recruit, Kadyn Proctor appears to be flipping to Alabama

    How does Iowa High School football compare to Minnesota High School Football? I'm not bullish on skilled positions from the upper Midwest.

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