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    Coyle should be ashamed….

    That's it for me folks. I am deleting Gopher sports, including the Gopher Hole from my computer. I will never watch another Gopher game or bother to read anything on Gopher Hole. I'd rather watch paint dry or sort my sock drawer. Absolutely the worst basketball I have watched in my 68 years...
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    All Things Nolan Winter Recruitment Thread (Class of 2023, Gophers Offered, Son of Trevor)

    Nolan Winter to announce his college choice on Friday at 4:00 on Twitter.
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    College Basketball 2021-2022 Thread

    This year the Gophers are so much better coached. Such as: 1. There are halftime adjustments. 2. All players are involved in the offense with better shot selection. 3. Defensively you see both zone and man. 4. Inbounds plays executed. I could go on and on. Just much better fundamental...
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    Mikey Williams signs with Excel Sports for NIL deal expected to 'generate millions' for high school basketball star

    It may be that in some states a high school athlete would be ineligible. Gonna be interesting how this all plays out.
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    Once again our opponent makes a change to a zone press and we looked lost. I have not seen one time this year when Pitino switches defenses. We just keep on doing the same thing and watch the other teams get comfortable and go on a dunk fest. Nice offense to end the half, too. Just awful...
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    Justin Gaard on KFAN

    Obviously recruiting is paramount. However, what I am most disappointed in with Pitino is that his teams are soooo predictable. Never is there a change in defenses. There are times when a zone would be very effective if nothing else just to confuse the opponent. Offensively and inbounds...
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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    Now that there is funny...I don't care who you are!!!
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    Zone Defense

    I'm hoping that the Gophers will be working on some type of zone defenses for the BIG season. The main reasons I see the need for at least switching to some type of zone are as follows: 1. It will keep Reggie closer to the basket. Teams have been running the high ball screens pulling Reggie...
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    I'm watching WVU vs. KU. Lots of standing around and not much movement. As a result, contested shots and a poor shooting percentage. Their crowd has been taken out of the game. Sounds familiar doesn't it? I also watched the Pitt vs. Louisville game. Both teams were aggressive in their cuts...
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    Inbounds Plays

    Congrats to the Gophers and Coach Smith for a nice win. It sure was frustrating watching our inbounds plays. There is no movement and everything looks half speed. Mich St. and other teams cut hard and cut sharply off of picks. Our main play in the lob back to mid court. We turned the ball...

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